A Glimpse of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Business Trip to Bogor, West Java

bustrip 1To grow the spirit of entrepreneurship, one of the designated activities in Bachelor of Entrepreneurship program is business trip. The learning goal of this activity is the students can learn and observe the atmosphere of small medium business also getting insights from the business owner, so they can apply it on their own businesses. On May 24, 2017, Bachelor of Entrepreneurship students batch 2017 held a business trip to Bogor.

The first destination was Tegal Waru Bogor, a business tourism village founded by Ibu Tatiek, an IPB (Institut Pertanian Bogor) alumni. She established this tourism village because she want to solve the social problems at this area. The effort to create this tourism village can not be separated from her previous training in 2008. Ibu Tatiek participated in a one-year training on leadership, empowerment and social entrepreneurship. After that, she established a tourism village, because one day she saw a woman sell besek (bucket made from rattan) and get a very small amount of profit, around 100 rupiahs per item besek she sold. Therefore Ibu Tatik set a plan to ensure the Tegal Waru community to join the cooperative. At first she had the difficulties, because people were traumatic to join cooperatives. But finally the people of Tegal Waru were encouraged to become entrepreneur, and start to sell products such as bags, nata de coco, brownies, donuts, leather jackets, and others.

Tegal Waru Village located at the foothills of Mount Salak, Bogor has a very clean air and free from pollution, which will make every visitors feel refreshed. In this Tegal Waru Business Tourism Village (known as KWBT) there are several business centers and we can also learn about business concepts and creative ideas to develop a tourism village. Until now, there are more than 20,000 visitors.

It is a great achievement of a great determination. The village will become one of the successful examples to more than thousands tourism village in Indonesia. The supervisor of this business trip, Qorri Aina said, “Every village should have one characteristic to describe their own village. Therefore the tourists can choose a tourism village based on their interest, as example adventure, or Sundanese culture, or maybe Sundanese food, and other. So Indonesia will become more famous in traditional way of tourism.”

bustrip 2

The next destination, students visited the bag craftsmen home industries centers of Bojongrangkas, Tegalwaru and Tajur, located in Bogor regency, West Java. Sentra Bojongrangkas and Tegalwaru, Ciampea, Bogor began in the 1970s. Tegalwaru central Tajur was built 20 years ago pioneered by SKI. A shopping area bag bag managed by Sumber Karya Indah (SKI). Here visitors can see directly the production process, from measuring materials, designing models, to suturing.

Most craftsmen buy raw materials at Pasar Mangga Dua, Jakarta. Craftsmen with large scale production such as SKI Tajur and Malica Collection Bojongrangkas usually get raw materials from the supplier of bag materials in Jakarta. Production. Bojongrangkas and Tegalwaru production center bags are bags with the latest models that follow the trend. Before marketing new model, they execute market tests first. If a model are sold out in a short time, the owner will produce bags with similar models.

The last destination of the business trip was PT Cisarua Mountain Dairy (Cimory), a Milk Processing Industry (IPS) located in mountainous area Cisarua, Bogor, West Java established in 2006. This company is concerned about the dairy farmers in Indonesia and strive to reduce the imports of milk powder. One of the strategy to raise the standard of living of the farmers, the Company absorbs local milk at very good prices. Though it was free agenda for the students, but they also gained some business knowledge from Cimory.

At Cimory, visitors can join the Cimory Dairy Tour or Edutainment where the visitors will visit Mini Cimory farm, learn about cows feeding and milking, visits to the Cimory factory, watch an educational film about Dairy products (milk , butter, and cheese). All products that produced by Cimory are made from fresh milk, Indonesia Origin. The owner Cimory, Mr. Bambang, he hoped that the consumption of protein will be increased in Indonesia, by pushing people to drink milk daily.

Author: Qorri Aina
Editor: Margareth Tobing

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