About Assurance of Learning

The Dean established an Assurance of Learning (AoL) and Curricula Development Team in 2014 to develop AoL plan which includes AoL system, learning goals and learning objectives for each degree program, curricula alignment, rubric to evaluate students’ success at achieving learning goals, assessment instrument and measurement, improvement plan, as well as provide feedback and guidance. AoL and Curricula Development Team works closely with AACSB Team, Degree Program Director, and CLT (Committee of Learning and Teaching) and is monitored by the Vice Dean for Academic.

The team has developed an AoL Plan for each degree program that consists of:

  • Learning goals (LG)
  • Learning objectives (LO)
  • Curriculum mapping (alignment matrix between LG/LO toward courses)
  • Rubric for each LG
  • Assessment plan (instrument and measurement)

The process is shown below:

The school has designed a systematic process in place to support AoL and produce a portfolio of evidence demonstrating achievement of learning goals. Currently, AoL and Curricula Development Team has developed assessment plans to assess whether students are meeting the learning goals or not. The assessment is designed for degree program level on a rolling yearly basis. Each AoL cycle consists of assessment on odd semester, even semester and short semester with a focus on 1-2 courses per semester that reflects learning goals and learning objectives at most.

The school will start the assessment on the odd semester (August 2015). This process will produce a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate whether students meet the learning goals or not. If assessment shows evidence that students are not meeting the learning goals, the school will institute efforts to eliminate the discrepancy.

Presented below are the key learning goals of each degree program.

Key Learning Goals’ Degree Program

Assurance of Learning Committee

Contact person :
Yuliani Dwi Lestari, PhD