BI Mengajar, Developing UMKM and Entrepreneurship for Economic Sustainability

Fridaypreneurship BIBandung (16/06/17) – In June edition of Fridaypreneurship, SBM ITB had the honor of having the attendance of Bank Indonesia (BI) Deputy Governor, Mrs. Rosmaya Hadi to give public lecture about the development of UMKM and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Economic. This Fridaypreneurship Program was also attended by Bank Indonesia’s Head of Regional Department, Mr. Dwi Pranoto, BI Regional Jawa Barat delegation, Mr. Wiwik Siswo, Dean of SBM ITB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono, DEA, and Director of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Program, Wawan Dhewanto, Ph.D.

In this lecture, Mrs. Rosmaya said that as Indonesia’s central bank, Bank Indonesia is mainly responsible for managing monetary policy to establish and maintain Rupiah’s stability, maintain a stable macroeconomic condition, Indonesia’s payment system.

National economic growth developed by real sectors like UMKM (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise). It is proven that when global economic fluctuates, UMKM are able to survive. As a result, Bank Indonesia establish and maintain national economic by fostering UMKM. A program from Bank Indonesia called PUSPA (Pendampingan UMKM oleh Praktisi Ahli), brings professionals in entrepreneurship and science fields to give training and assistance to UMKM to foster and stabilize. PUSPA educate start-up entrepreneurs and provide facilities spreads in every regional cluster in Indonesia and runs for three years. Bank Indonesia expects this program to increase UMKM economic capacities, improve payment and financial access, technology efficiency in financial transaction, improve marketing and networking.

Fridaypreneurship BI 2

At the end of Fridaypreneurship, Mrs. Rosmaya said that a sustainable cooperation is needed between the government, corporate, entrepreneur, and stakeholder. Bank Indonesia consistently reach every region in Indonesia to support entrepreneur development, so they can contribute to the regional economy growth.

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