Business Initiation Practice Field Trip

IMG_1285Bachelor of Entrepreneurship class 2019 conducted business field trip on Wednesday, 11 July 2018. This business trip is a part of Business Inititation Practice course. The aims of this business trip is to obtain knowledge how to get funding from institutions to develop their business. The field trip destinations are Pertamina TBBM Bandung Group and Sarana Jabar Ventura (SJV).

Pertamina TBBM Bandung Group
The first place was Pertamina TBBM Bandung Group located in Gede Bage. The staff of Pertamina welcoming us friendly and invite us to the meeting room. Students have been informed about Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) and Small-Medium Scale Enterprise Program (SMEPP). SMEPP or Program Kemitraan opens the opportunity for student to get funding from Pertamina. Pertamina also invites the student to submit their proposal to be reviewed, wheter their business feasible to become business partner with Pertamina. Pertamina not only give funding but also provide assistance to help their partner to develop business.

Sarana Jabar Ventura (SJV)
The second place was Sarana Jabar Ventura located in Jalan Laswi. In this place, students receive the information how to get financing from venture capital company. The staff also shares the success story of their past clients and strategy to gain business. Students also have opportunity to consult their problems of running their business.



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