Business Trip to Traditional Market and Modern Market

sarijadi contemporary marketWith the Design Thinking course, student of bachelor of entrepreuneurship SBM ITB held a business trip to some new business place in Bandung. The trip accompanied by the Director of Bachelor Entrepreneurship, Wawan Dhewanto, a lecture and mentor, Bayuningrat Hardjakaprabon and Lik Gayantini Ari.

  1. Sarijadi Contemporary Market

First trip to Sarijadi Contemporary Market, students are introduced to traditional market developed into modern market with 500th comerce capacities. The students called to exchange ideas about new business, how to creating new product will be accepted to low class and midle class segment without distinguish the age, in order that innovation can acceptable by peoples.

2. Click Square Shopping Destination and Entertaintment.

Click Square is modern commerce model and technology present in Bandung. For everyone want to shopping culinary while enjoying a few leading age attraction. The students get lesson learn from Click Square manager on few stage how to starting a business, which having their own appeal, so can get easy square

3. Cihampelas trading relocation

The street traders around Cihampelas, now placed to Cihampelas Sky Walk terrace, given separate lesson for students. With product needed by tourist, a better business place, and high compatitive, in fact its still requiring new inovations. The students asking ex-trader their condition before and after relocated, its given enlightment for them how to survive business with their mass product.

4. Upnormal

The last destination of one day business trip is visiting Upnormal, one of newest favourit culinary trade. Before ifftar, students keep up with some culinary expert, and still get more knowledge and experiences from owner of Upnormal and Baso Bujangan.

It?s become a great and valuable trip for student. Three bus full of students bring back them to college, also with full of experinces and new insight. With this trip, wish the students can start to segment their skill, and how to held with different knowledge, right capital, and what is the purpose of their business next. Because, indirectly they are expected tobecome a start up business owner in this country, and rotate the wheels of the economic populist in Indonesia.

Written by : Mamay Siti Suhandi

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