Choice Will Open Chance then Lead to Change

DSC_1854Santi Rahmawati, one of graduates Master of Science in Management (MSM) program delivered her farewell speech on SBM ITB Graduation Night, Thursday, July 30th 2015 at Aula Barat ITB. Santi thanked to all of the faculties and staff who support her studies in MSM ITB and reflect back to her moments in MSM ITB. Herewith the transcript of her speech:

Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokatuh, Salam Sejahtera dan Selamat Malam.

Izinkan saya untuk menyampaikan kesan pesan dalam bahasa Inggris.

Good Evening to all fellow graduates, honorable guests, faculty members, family, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Santi Rahmawati and I am representing Master of Science in Management program class 2013. Let me begin by saying how deeply honored to have been chosen for the farewell speech in this graduation night. Tonight is the night for all of us to be grateful. We have made it to this point after all of hours of homework, papers, late night studying, exams, and of course, hang-out with friends. It is time to celebrate our accomplishment, reminisce about the past, and look forward for the future.

But before I jump too far, I would like to take a second to recognize all people who are encourage and support us along the way. Thank you for the entire supervisors who guide us in the final assignment for obtaining our degree. Thank you for all examiners who give feedback and assess our final defense. Thank you for all helpful faculty staff member at SBM. Thank you for all professors and lecturers who give us knowledge, experience, and opportunity. To all of the parents, family, friends, and all are sitting audience, thank you for supporting us through upside down of our times here. Without you our success will not possible.

As I reflect the time here studying in MSM SBM ITB, there are many great moments already passed. Looking back at our first year, it does feel like yesterday, the first class, the first test, the first paper, the second paper, the third paper.. emmm you know? In MSM, paper is almost become our daily consumption, almost. The point is we are coming to this school knowing little of what we will become, of what we will accomplish; of what we know; and who we are. And that is a gift that we choose and need to be treasured and remembered.

It all started with a CHOICE. Choice in applying for continuing our higher study in SBM ITB – one of the best business schools in Indonesia. To be honest, at the beginning I don’t really know what MSM or Master of Science in Management is. I only hear it from my former Boss in the old office. He said that MSM is a great choice for those who want to be a lecture or a scholar. After that, I search more information about MSM through internet and then I found my AHA moment. I found words of “Entrepreneurship & Technology Management” which considered as one of the concentrated specializations in the program. At the moment, I already have interest in entrepreneurship but I do not know how and where to formally studying it and get a degree from it. Moreover, my previous background education is from Industrial Engineering & Manufacture Engineering. So, Technology Management is a sexy word for me. That is how I begin choosing MSM for post-graduate program.

The funny thing is not everybody aware about MSM degree, event my parents at that time. But, it doesn’t matter for me, I have a principle that “Once you begin choosing the path, you should be able to walk through it until you master it or finish it, and then you can choose to go another path”

Choice for studying in MSM had opened many CHANCES or opportunities:
First, Chance to know the research based management and directly involved into it. We also can collaborate with our lecturers, colleague, and both government and private organization project and research. I currently involves in private organization project for micro and small enterprise’s economic empowerment at four villages in West Java region.

Second, Chance to leave our mark in the world or scientific community by writing paper based on research and writing book. Interestingly, unexpected result also turned that my paper in technology acceptance topic gets the best paper award certificate at the international conference which held in Bangkok, Thailand last March 2014. My colleagues and I also had published a book with title “Manajemen Inovasi untuk Usaha Kecil dan Mikro”. This book is the real result of the Innovation Management class under Mr. Wawan Dhewanto Ph.D as my supervisor. Hands-on experience in early phase of writing, editing, until went to publisher and finally get published is valuable experience for my future intention in publishing another book.

Those CHANCES were opened and taken as I CHOSE to go in MSM program. From the chances, of course I can feel the CHANGE. Change to be more critical in thinking, reviewing literature, and dealing with research, project and community and hopefully lead me to be a great leader.

If we want to CHANGE for a better life, we have to take the CHANCE or opportunity. While CHANCE only can be open if we pick the CHOICE. If there are no CHOICE, So.. What should we do.. what path should we walk, and so on. Remember That CHOICE will open CHANCE then Lead to CHANGE!

Instead of saying goodbye, in the end of this speech, I would like to welcome all of fellow graduates here:
Welcome to the new journey,
Welcome to the reality,
Welcome to the society,
Welcome to the real you,
Looking back to the past – all memories, stories, and experiences
Make you as ‘YOU’ are right now,

As I quote from the backdrop of this graduation night stage: “The world is changing, don?t stay on the sidelines, be truly great leaders.”

Terima kasih atas perhatiannya dan semoga Kita bisa terus berkarya kedepannya untuk Tuhan, Bangsa, dan Almamater.

Wassalamu’alaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokatuh.

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