Director Centre for Entrepreneurship of Lund University-Sweden Visits SBM ITB

DSC_0046SBM ITB is a reputable institution noticed by its smart and active students in engaging discussions in the classes, good English of both students and lecturers, progressive improvements for further developing the institution, as well as persistent initiatives toward internalization. Those are several points on SBM ITB made by Associate Professor Marie Lowegren after her visit to SBM ITB, from 27 February to 12 March 2017. Mrs. Marie is a lecturer and Director of Sten K. Johson Centre for Entrepreneurship Lund University-Sweden, which is one of European largest centre for entrepreneurship. At SBM ITB she conducted several teachings, which are for students in Bachelor Programs of Management (International Business) and Entrepreneurship, MBA and MSM/ DSM Programmes.

She also provided some suggestions for the SBM curriculum development team and as well as delivered presentations on entrepreneurial university in front of SBM lecturers. She was also a speaker in the Fridaypreneurship seminar, which is a program organised by SBM ITB as a medium for knowledge sharing from experts on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs to SBM students. In her speech, she makes several notes on the definition of entrepreneurial university:

  • There is one-size-fits-all definition of the Entrepreneurial University
  • There are many different inventive, creative and yet practical approaches, which distinguish the Entrepreneurial Style
  • Approaches are context dependent and build overtime

By using a case of the development of Lund University as an entrepreneurial university presented in a historical perspective, she derives several lessons-learnt including:

  • Needs a clear vision and a strategy
  • Without dedicated people you’ve got nothing
  • You can’t do it alone
  • Cooperation create more value
  • Too many actors is confusing and inefficient
  • Development takes time
  • Ones you’ve got the foundation, it easier to develop further

Her two weeks-visit is sponsored by the EU Teaching Mobility Programme, which is a programme that facilitates teacher mobility from an EU university to its partner, vice versa. SBM ITB’s lecturer Dedy Sushandoyo, Ph.D. previously had an opportunity to visit Lund University in 2016 as a part of the program.

It is expected that both institutions will strengthen collaborations in the future in the areas of teaching mobility and student exchange as well as joint research. The student exchange program between SBM ITB and School of Economics and Management Lund University is to take place starting in 2018.


Written by: Dedy Sushandoyo, Ph.D

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