SBM ITB as the Best Industry Marketing Champion 2016

1SBM ITB awarded as the Best Industry Marketing Champion 2016 in Education Sector, at MarkPlus Conference 2017, Thursday (8/12/2016). Attended this event, Dean Prof. Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono was pleased to have the award in which presented by the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia Dr. Arief Yahya as Marketeer of the Year in 2013 and also the Chairperson of the Judges Panel.

The selection process through the three phase. The first phase is Nomination Phase who’s involved MarkPlus Marketeer of the Year Committee, the Jakarta Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Club Members, Marketeers Readers, and Marketeers Club Members. The second phase is Judging Phase who’s involved the judge panel from the Past Marketeer of the Year winners which are, Arief Yahya (MOTY 2013, Chairperson), Johannes Loman (MOTY 2011), Dino Patti Djalal (MOTY, 2012), Jahja Setiaatmadja (MOTY 2015), the judges from MarkPlus, Inc. there are Hermawan Kartajaya, Taufik and Michael Hermawan, also there are the judges from Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA) represent by Y.W. Junardy and Hendra Warsita. The third phase is the Awarding Ceremony at the MarkPlus Conference 2017 Opening Plenary Session.

2Nomination through multiple source, Paper Nomination Form from the Jakarta CMO Club Members, Offline Nomination Form in the Marketeers Magazine (Oct, 2016 edition) and Online Form at There are 18 industry sectors and each sectors has 3 nominees. “The main judging criteria for this award is the institution who has Exemplary “Marketing Spirit and Orientation”, Market and/or Financial Performance, Boldness of Strategic Direction and Innovation, Social/Community Impact Personal Integrity and Influence,” said Michael Hermawan, CeO of MarkPlus, Inc in the Opening Plenary Session.

Launching Collaboration

3In this opportunity Hermawan Kartajaya, Founder & CEO, MarkPlus. Inc launched the collaboration between MarkPlus and SBM ITB with MBA Program in Strategic Marketing Which was witnessed by the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Prof. Mohamad Nasir and Dr. Miming Miharja Vice Chancellor of General Administration, Alumni and Communication of Institut Teknologi Bandung. “It is very important for the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to collaborate between industries, to produce innovative research that would bring benefit for Indonesian society and Industries,” said the Minister Prof. Mohamad Nasir.

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