Experience from MSM and Bachelor Students of SBM ITB Who Joined JENESYS 2016

DSCF3181Two of MSM ITB 2015 students, Ashifa Arief Ulzanah and Febi Hermanto, alongside with two bachelor of Entrepreneurship 2018 students, Fabia Zahra Razula and Fatimah Azzahrah went to Japan in February as Indonesian delegates for JENESYS 2016 exchange program. JENESYS (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) is a Japanese Government exchange program for youth across ASEAN region, Timor Leste, and India to promote mutual trust and global understanding of Japan economy, society, politics, and foreign policy. They were all went to Japan for JENESYS 2016 batch 6 which had Economics as a theme and emphasize in the development of Small and Medium Enterprises. They share their experiences after they’re back to SBM ITB. Herewith their story:

We were introduced to Japanese culture such as such as Enkai (Japanese business party), Ryokan (Japanese inn style), Sado (Japanese tea ceremony), Onsen (Japanese hot spring), and riding Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train). We also visited historical landmark such as Osaka Castle, Kiyomizudera Temple, and Tokyo-Edo Museum. We explored and examined the entrepreneurship in Japan which was different with Indonesia. We found out that the entrepreneurship in Japan emphasized manufacturing more. It was because they have the spirit of Monodzukuri, a spirit of creating product, but in practice this spirit was more than just creating product. Monodzukuri also means continuously improving the quality and the process of creating the product itself. Japanese has a full set industry of SMEs in which are creating product from toothbrush to spaceship rocket.


We were also visiting the oldest tea producer in Japan, Fukujuen. In Fukujuen, we explored the tea plantation and factory and saw the tea culture not only from Japan but also another country. We had exchanged with students from ECC language school in Osaka. We played the traditional Japanese games and conversed with the students to know more about Japanese culture.

At the end of the program we must presented our findings about Japan as a group. We also have to present our action plan regarding how we will spread the information about Japan. As the objective of the program is to disseminate a knowledge about Japan to participants’ own country and to build closer relation among youth in a hope for future friendship and cooperation.


Written by:
Ashifa Arief Ulzanah
Magister of Science Management ITB

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