First Pitching of SwissInnovation Challenge Asia – Indonesia 2017

DSC_0115The 1st pitch of the SwissInnovation Challenge Asia – Indonesia 2017, a joint event by SBM ITB and FHNW School of Business, is approaching. To prepare participants for the pitching, the two-day pitch training was held on March 11-12, 2017 in the SBM ITB Building in Bandung.
The first day (March 11) was focused on a training on Marketing / Online Marketing, with Andi Saptari (Founder of Co&Co Working Space) as the speaker. Besides talking about Marketing / Online Marketing, Andi Saptari also shared his past experiences that led him to his current efforts. The two-hour session was filled with plenty of questions from the present participants. The session was followed by coaching sessions, where participants had a chance to ask about innovation-related issues to their chosen coaches, who were a mix of lecturers from SBM ITB and practitioners.

The second day (March 12) was about the pitching itself, facilitated by Dr. Dina Dellyana. She laid out several tips and tricks in doing 3-minute pitching, a requirement for all participants for the first pitch. The session was followed by pitching practice by the participants. Several teams participating in the session volunteered to practice in front of the others, getting feedback from Dr. Dellyana herself and a couple of other faculty members of SBM ITB and a guest. The session highlighted several things that participants could improve in doing a 3-minute pitching, starting from adding energy or enthusiasm to gestures while doing the pitching.

The first pitching event of the SwissInnovation Challenge Asia – Indonesia 2017 will be held on April 1-2, 2017, selecting around 100 teams who will be chosen as those going to the second round of the competition. The event is also sponsored by Bank BRI.

Written by: Andika Putra Pratama, Ph.D

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