Fridaypreneurship: How to Run Successful E-commerce in BERRYBENKA Perspective

FRIDAYPRENEURSHIPTo compete in the vast growing of fashion industry nowadays, fashion brands can not depend only on on-site store, they need to utilize the internet world, known as e-commerce, to get in touch with the customer. SBM ITB invited Danu Wicaksana as the Managing Director of Berrybenka to share his experience in front of our students in Fridaypreneurship forum, Friday, 10 February 2017 at Auditorium SBM ITB. In 2014 the first online attempt made by the 2 young entrepreneur women, founders of Berrybenka, was on Facebook. “Our business was growing really fast that time, more than 1000 items we sell each day. And we thought that we should change to e-commerce system. Therefore, starting from 2014 until now we already have 3 platform designs. The existing platform in 2017 is the most user friendly that we’ve ever made”, said Danu.

More over, Danu also gave tips for students who run online business. “It is important to have a warehouse, and if your business is growing really big, it is recommended to use warehouse system, so it will shorten the process from packaging to customer delivery. While you also can maintain your stock.”, said Danu. For a growing e-commerce like Berrybenka that have 6000-7000 transactions per day, they have experienced 3 warehouse locations, from small warehouse until rent a garage in flooding area. This experiences lead them to learn how to choose the fit location for their warehouse.

Another lesson from Berrybenka is about to maintain after sales service. In Berrybenka, the customer service team consist of 100 persons to handle the call center, 70 of them are in charge to handle complaints but 30 persons of them are handling the marketing inquiries from customer. Danu said “After sales service is very crucial to ensure high customer satisfaction and retention. Making ourselves available anytime via live chat, phone, e-mail, SMS, social media, chat app. And we can collaborate with the shipping companies to provide free shipping, making customers comfortable buying online. Providing transparent and real time information to customers on their product shipment will gain customer trusts. And the last effort to evaluate our service is checking in with customers to ensure their customer experience is perfect.”

In the last session, he shared about investment to start a business. There are four common traits for a start-up to get an investment:

  1. The Product: product/idea with a clear differentiation from other products in the market.
  2. The Team: strong founder(s) and management team with good track record and execution capability.
  3. The Environment: market potential in your country, internet penetration, competitive landscape, government regulations.
  4. The Progress: Some tractions already achieved (the idea is proven)

“How do you call your business a start-up? start-up is a start-up when it gets investment. And when you’re seeking the investor, it’s better to give not only great idea, it must be executed”, said Danu.


Written by: Margareth Tobing

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