Fridaypreneurship : Serving a Segmented Market by Grahadea Kusuf

IMG_6950 Technologies being fundamentally shift in this century. One obvious advantage of technologies in digital music industry. Grahadea Kusuf as CEO of PT. Kuassa Tekhnika, a start-up company in digital music industry, was invited as guest speaker in Fridaypreneurship Seminar, 19 May 2017 held at MBA-ITB Bandung Campus with theme “Serving a Segmented Market”. Grahadea said, “niche market is potential market, including digital music”. The idea is that everyone can develop their idea of music also arrange the music by their own and in their own room.

In front of the SBM ITB students, Grahadea explained about the progress of music until nowadays. Before the digitalization era, a musician use analog amplifiers to arranging their music or song, and it takes a lot of time and money. Today a musician consist digital music platforms to arranging a music. Some people’s needs music for different purpose, a lot of peoples want to create a music by their ownself, for private vlog, to covered song, making short video, and another reason. It was such a good opportunity for creative music creator, like himself and his partner, Ari Ardiansyah.

Fridaypreneurship is monthly entrepreneurship seminar held by Bachelor of Entrepreneurship SBM-ITB. The seminar was opened by Wawan Dhewanto, Director of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship, SBM-ITB.

Author: Minar Akbar Kurniawan
Editor: Margareth Tobing

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