Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students became 2nd Winner in National Business Plan Competition in CREATION 2017

Creation UNPAR 2017Another achievement achieved by our passionate students. On 23 April 2017, 3 students from Bachelor of Entrepreneurship batch 2017 named Danang Wicoro, Yealinzka Tinnovia Kurrota Aini, and Melati Dwi Murniati as Major Habit Team became the runner up winner at CREATION 2017, Creative Entrepreneurship Competition that held by Parahyangan University. This competition form is similar with National business plan competition but the industry of business idea for 2017 is business in fashion industry. Major habit team was the only representative from SBM ITB in the competition. They presented the business idea named Major Habit shirt.

Major habit is a modern triple bogie formal and casual shirt. A multifunctional outfit that can be used in various events both formal and casual. Major Habit is similar with most plain formal shirt but it has sleeves can be rolled up several times and has a motif on each roll. The motif is batik motif or Indonesian pattern that can be used for other occasion. In addition, the features of this shirt can also have a collar that is detachable with a patterned collar that is tailored to the existing batik motif on the arm roll. So, people that buy the shirt can save money because it gets 2-3 types of model in only one shirt price.


The event is divided into several parts:
1. The selection of business proposals. Participants can submit their business proposal online through email.
2. Entrepreneurship expedition in Floating Market Lembang and discussion with Mr. Perry Tristianto, the owner of Floating Market to learn about entrepreneurship.
3. Final Presentation. The assessment was conducted by three judges, namely Mr. Fernando Mulia, M.Kom., Mrs. Hilda Lumongga Siregar, S.I.Kom., And Ms. Anastasia Damayanti Tjahja, S.IP.
From 8 teams that go to the semifinal round, Major habit succeed to come home as a 2nd Winner. Hopefully this experience can inspire young entrepreneurs to innovate and obtain more achievement.

Author: Melati Dwi Murniati
Editor: Margareth Tobing

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