Idealogy Bootcamp 2018

2Idealogy Bootcamp is an event held by Bachelor of Enterpreneurship Program from SBM ITB toward Technological Based Business course for 3 days start in 6 August 2018 to 8 August 2018. This event consist of hands-on learning program for students of various faculties from ITB to collaborate in rapid ideation based on campus research and/or participant idea. Opened by Bachelor of Enterpreneurship Program Director of SBM ITB, Akbar Adhiutama, ST.,MT.,MBA.,PhD and Technological Based Business course lecturer Sonny Rustiadi, SE.,MBA., PhD, the event was attended by students from various faculties who want to experience technological based business ideation from business mentor, facilitator and partner from other faculties.

In first day of Idealogy Bootcamp, Ir. Budi Raharjo.,Msc.,PhD gave the presentation about technological based business to introduce and insight about his experience in tech startup for many iteration. After that lead facilitator give explanation about Google Design Sprint for product market fit and ideation method. Every students clustered into several team with selected theme based on their choice. With enough explanation about Google Design Sprint and experience from business mentors then every team run their own Design Sprint simulation to identifying and validating problem.

In the second day Lee Marvin one of SBM ITB Alumnae and now works for Agate gave presentation about how Agate started and grow into one of the biggest game studio in Indonesia. After that the session move into Design Thinking product to validate the product marketing fit using Value Propotition Canvas and validate the assumption using Javelin Board. Every team had their own facilitator and tools such us post it to visualize their core assumption. After the Value Propotition Canvas and Javelin Board was full with post it sticker and the time was end then they create their own prototype using paper, scissor and glue to visualize the customer journey into interaction.

The third day Krisna Adiarini from Triplogic share about her experience about growing Triplogic from idea into working product. Her experience gave student new perspective about how the idea implemented into working product and get funded by investor. every team was ready with their own prototype and presentation materials to presentate 5 minutes pitch in front of peers and business mentors. Every team pitch bravely and honest about their solution with each problem clustered before. From simple solution such as mobile phone for fisherman and machine learning powered iot sensor for seawaves to predicts tsunami, this give students experience in product ideation iteration and also inspiration from existing expert and business mentor.


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