SBM ITB students are encouraged to spend their semester abroad. We welcome both undergraduate (Management – including International Business Class – and Entrepreneurship Programs) and graduate (MBA and MSM) students to apply for the student exchange program at one of our partner universities

Partner Universities for Student Exchange

Note: Please check back regularly for an updated list of partner universities for student exchange

In addition, ITB also has a student exchange agreement with several universities, such as with TU Delft, (the Netherlands) and Pforzheim University (Germany), as well as Ritsumeikan University (Japan, under the AIMS program, with sponsored accommodation) and Kochi University of Technology (Japan),to which you can apply for the student exchange program.

Management-International Business Students

In addition to the list of universities listed above, undergraduate students of Management Study Program, specializing in International Business, have the opportunity to apply to a fee-paying Study Abroad program at the following partner(s):

Note: Students are required to pay a discounted amount of tuition (and other fees) to our Partner and to SBM ITB. Please check with your Study Program Office.


  • Undergraduate applicants are required to have completed 1st year of study at SBM ITB by the time of your application, with all courses passed. Graduate applicants are eligible to apply starting from the time they enter any graduate program at SBM ITB (MBA or MSM).
  • All applicants must show their fluency in English
  • Undergraduate applicants should have a GPA of at least 3.00. Graduate applicants should have a graduate GPA of at least 3.50 OR an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.00.

Semester Abroad Periods

Generally, students will study abroad under the student exchange program in Semester 1 and Semester 2 of the 3rd year (Semester 7 and Semester 8) and beyond for undergraduate students and Semester 3 (regular semesters) and beyond for graduate students. In Europe, Semester 1 would typically run from September through January while Semester 2 from February through June.

Note: when choosing the semester to study abroad under the student exchange program, please consult your respective Study Program Office with regard to tuition fee payment and registration at SBM ITB. Typically, students are required to register for 0 SKS at SBM ITB (on academic leave).

Exempt Credits

The number of academic credits taken at a partner university will reduce the number of required credits (or SKS) taken at SBM ITB (the credit equivalency is to be discussed with the respective Study Program Office). The overall number of credits taken by students must be at least 144 SKS, including those taken at SBM ITB and those taken at partner.

Application Periods (each year)
Period 1: August – October (Deadline: October 31)
Period 2: November – January (Deadline: January 31)

Note: Both periods are applicable to both Semester 1 and Semester 2 of the 3 year (Semester 7 and 8) and beyond for undergraduate students and to Semester 3 or beyond for graduate students.

Application Process

(Applicable to All Universities and/or Schools) – pay attention to deadlines above

  1. Students submit an online application form (requires SBM ITB login)
  2. Students submit the following documents to
    • Updated CV or Resume
    • Most Recent Academic Transcript (Note: Graduate applicants can submit EITHER undergraduate transcripts OR recent graduate transcript, or BOTH)
    • International English Language Test Certificate, IELTS or TOEFL (Note: For application purpose, TOEFL-ITP is acceptable. Once admitted, students are responsible for obtaining an international TOEFL or IELTS by end of February and submit the result to IRO SBM ITB).
    • Reference Letter (Note: Reference letter can be obtained from your academic advisor, SBM ITB lecturer, or former employer, or anyone who can assess your potentials – academic or otherwise)
  3. Students are informed by IRO SBM ITB of their application status (admitted or not)
  4. Students admitted are invited for an interview (Note: In cases where applications are competitive, NOT all admitted students invited for an interview will be nominated or selected).
  5. Final nomination or selection is made (in November for Period 1 and in February for Period 2)

For students applying to a partner university that has an agreement with ITB, not with SBM ITB in particular, the application process is the same. The application process as described above must be followed. Students are responsible for inquiring with the International Relations Office of ITB in terms of the available partners. SBM ITB (through its International Relations Office) will send IRO ITB the student nominees to compete with student nominees from other schools and faculties at ITB.

Financial Matters

  • All SBM ITB students who study abroad under the student exchange agreement are exempt from paying tuition to partner universities (tuition-waived). Other academic-related fees (such as book fees, etc.) may be applicable. This is NOT applicable to fee-paying Study Abroad opportunities.
  • Regular fee-paying SBM ITB students pay the regular tuition fee to SBM ITB as you would pay regularly. SBM ITB students who study at SBM ITB with a scholarship also undergo the same process (students should discuss with their sponsor(s) and the study program office).
  • SBM ITB provides no financial sponsorship to outgoing exchange students. Every year, ITB usually provides financial sponsorship for travel (nominated students will be notified by IRO SBM ITB). Students are encouraged to look for opportunities for funding to relevant scholarship agencies.


If you have any question, please ask our International Relations Officer, Ms. Yanie Saputra (

Update: November 2016