Chrissa, Finance
University of Pforzheim, Germany

To join student exchange program held by SBM ITB was my biggest achievement of life as well as my turning point upon my way to more independent life. Since I was born, I had never imagined living abroad, or even outside my city, Bandung. But when this opportunity came, I decided to challenge myself and embrace the chance to be exposed to multicultural differences during my stay in Germany. At first it was though, living in a country where its people hardly speaks English, missing my home, while also striving to study hard. Buy days after, those worries became pleasure and those difficulties gave lessons for me. The 5 months living in Germany is the 5 months I would remember the most during my life journey. During those 5 months I learned how to deal with European, American, African, and also Asian people, which are fun since they possess different jokes, different interest, and above all different customs. I also had a chance to improve my English speaking, time management, teamwork, and cooking skill. In addition to my study activities, I also got a chance to travel around Europe in less expensive way than if I were to go there myself. European transportation was well built and connected so that it is really convenient to travel from one country to another. Through travelling I also gained many perspectives about European people lifestyle likewise many inspirations from their dazzling architectures.

Dyasanti Vidya Saputri, Marketing
Aalto University School of Business, Finland

Letting yourself be immersed in a completely new environment will open up your mind and expose you to new perspectives in the best ways possible. This is the belief I have always held close to my heart. And thus when the opportunity to go on an exchange program to Helsinki was announced, I didn’t even have to think twice about whether or not I should submit my application. As it turned out, the 4 months I spent in the tranquil Scandinavian city had been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I personally believe that the Indonesian student market has a lot of potential for them to be able to compete at a global level, however in order to do so, it is necessary to have sufficient international exposure beforehand as surviving in a highly cross-cultural environment isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Clearly, exchange programs are one of the most obvious choices you can opt for. Do take the risk and grab the opportunity while you can!

Ivana Liliani Sugih, Economics and Business
University of Groningen, The Netherlands

I always feel excited to go abroad. I joined exchange student program to The Netherlands for August 2013 – February 2014 period. This program gave me a lot of experiences I’ve never had in my home country. My first motivation was “going abroad, travelling and challenge my independency” but suddenly it changed after I arrived and went through my first month there. The motivation became “study harder and fulfill the credits requirement”. Travelling would be another thing at the end. I was shocked by the language barrier, different teaching method, and different cultures. It motivated me to be a fast learner, improve my responsibility and leadership in order to survive. The courses are harder than in Indonesia. People there are smarter and more diligent. Those things woke me that the competition will become harder in the future. I had chances to meet international students from other countries and we help each other especially in studying. It enriched my social knowledge and adaptability to the totally different environment. This 6-month program prepares me to face the world after finishing my bachelor. Joining this program is a thing you won’t regret. Thank you for the precious opportunity offered!

Hanryano Yehezkiel Lethe S., Finance and Operations
Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Rennes

My four-months life has never been this amazing. As the only Indonesian going on exchange to ESC Rennes, I’ve found immeasurable experiences. From the moment I laid my choice, there was an obligation for a languange certification which took much effort to pass. Once I landed in the blue continent, I’ve met new people from around the world, grasped the French and European atmosphere, and of course introduced my country verbal and non-verbally. The exposure gave me myriad benefits which affect all parts within me. I learnt about time management, independency, relationships and cross culture behavior. I had the opportunity to learn the language and practice it rightaway. Rennes, in particular, is the capital of region Bretagne. It is perfect for students and the weather lies within the tolerance bound for people from the tropics. Enjoying a French life is one thing I truly recommend. It showed me how we can be so efficient with our time and live in balance. Everybody can read travel books or wonder themselves how it feels to be living abroad. But only a few may have the chance to do so. So aim for it.

Agnes Maria Thea Phandu, International Logistic
ESB Reutlingen University, Germany

I’m really grateful that I took the opportunity to join a winter exchange program in Hochschule Reutlingen. Those 5 months staying is really wonderful. I never imagine that those five-months living will turns to be that amazing. At first I am really worry about it since I will go to a country that hardly speak English alone as the first batch from SBM with only a very basic German I had. But a scholarship offered from DAAD to join a semester in Reutlingen, arouse my interest. And I prove that my decision is right. In Reutlingen, as one of the most international Hochschule in Germany, I can meet with new people from almost every country in the world. Language barrier is not even a problem as I worried before. Moreover, I can improve both my English and German, enhance my independency, and also time management skill, which shaped under the German most important value to be punktlich or punctual. Have a semester abroad really open my eyes about how the real world is. The cultural differences help me understand many things from different perspective. So when you have an opportunity like mine, don’t you ever hesitate to take it!