To support teaching and learning activities at SBM ITB, it is important to conduct other supporting activities which are essential in determining the quality of graduates and the programs. SBM ITB has supporting unit such as Career Services, Industrial & Alumni Relations (CIA) that would help the courses in conducting activities in order to support the career of prospective graduates cooperating with some leading companies for internships, field trips, guest lecturers, research, recruitment and others. SBM ITB has drawn a Cooperation Agreement (MOU) with several companies in the form of: cooperation and Career Fair recruitment, work preparation workshops, internships, joint research, business and marketing games, field trips, guest lecturers and community service.

These activities are expected to give a real contribution to the students in completing the knowledge gained in college. In addition to increasing the competence and the insight into the world of business and management, students can also gain their knowledge in the real situation so that they will be better prepared for their future career as entrepreneurs, academics and businessmen.

Having the partnership activities with the business world would strengthen the mutual relationship. SBM ITB as a school of business and management is able to generate qualified graduates who will be part of the business world and at the same time the corporate world will be able to support the education together with the institution in giving a significant contribution to the education in Indonesia. Here are some activities that have been carried out by units of Career Service, Industrial & Alumni Relations:

Recruitment on Campus

IMG_1730The recruitment of SBM ITB graduates throughout the year. This activity is conducted not only before the graduation ceremony of ITB but also in certain time based on the companies and the school need. The recruitment activity is held directly at the school for four times in a month, and total recruitment activities in a year could reach up to 120 times in average. The implementation of recruitment is started by doing the publications to prospective graduates, preparing company presentations, having written test, interviewing and Focusing on Group Discussion. There are some leading companies which have worked together in implementing the recruitment in 2014, such as: PT. Castrol Indonesia, PT. Givaudan, Loewe Indonesia, DBS Bank, JW Marriott Group, OCBC NISP, PT. Reckitt Benckiser, PT. Astra International, BNI, Bank Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, Daya Group, Beiersdorf, and others. Click here for details.

Field Trip

DSC_1121Field trips program, such as visiting the companies, is performed as a part of the curriculum and it is integrated in the course. Having the field trip, students are able to comprehend their knowledge in the real situation of a company. The preparation activities such as scheduling, mentoring by the lecturers, and having explanation of the visiting topics at the sites by the company as well as having the tour to the company’s gallery/workshop give a distinctive impression that broaden the students’ knowledge. Students also have the opportunities to meet and discuss about a process of how to start and to develop a business or company with the business practitioners who can directly share their experiences and knowledge.

SBM ITB had some field trips to PT. Astra International, PT. Akur Pratama, the Indonesia Stock Exchange and others company. Click here for details

Internship Program/Business Immersion

Student internship program is held based on student’s study agenda. For MBA program, internship program (Business Immersion course) has 3 credit points and it is a compulsory subject that should be taken in the 3rd semester.

The internship placement in companies is tailored to the student’s interests and the availability of the unit/user in certain company. The companies can supervise the internship activities which acted as a field supervisor. It takes about 2-3 months and students are required to make a report on their internship program. Click here for details

Workshop/Career Related Training

Workshop program is conducted in order to support the students at the final semester so that they will be ready for the work environment. The workshop is held based on the demand at SBM ITB by inviting professional trainer or speaker. Some of the workshops that have been implemented include:

  • Tips on how to pass the working selection test
  • Tips and trick on how to do a great
  • Tips on how to deliver a good presentation
  • How to plan a career development
  • How to write a professional CV and cover letter
  • How to build a career in banking, FMCG, consultants, etc. Click here for details.

Business Clinic

The collaboration between MBA ITB and CIEL (Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership) aimed to provide MBA ITB students to apply their skills and knowledge in business community such as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Bandung and the surrounding areas. Click here for details.

Alumni Sharing Session

The sharing activities about work experience, education, or business experience world from alumni of all strata in SBM ITB is to broaden students knowledge. This activity is conducted by the alumni as a contribution and a dedication to their alma mater. The sharing and workshop topic can be customized based on SBM needs, and it is usually held by inviting all level of students and alumni. Click here for details

Career & Scholarship Fair

_MG_9309Career and scholarships exhibition is an event which invited companies and institution with the concept of online registration for all applicants / job seekers. There are also presentations about the institution or institutions that are looking for new employees, job placement test, and special consultations for students who interested in scholarships. Click here for details

Career Counseling

Counseling is needed as a preparation in choosing the right career in the future. CIA Unit provides counseling times for students’ needs based on the appointment; moreover CIA Unit collaborated with some psychology institutions in career consultation in case some students need more specific career preparation such as measuring work readiness or skill mapping. Click here for details.