KPK Commissioner: 70% of Our Law is Prone to Manipulation

IMG_2233 Laode Syarif, Commissioner of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), gave a guest lecture session on environmental ethics at Global Leadership Executive MBA (GLEMBA) program at Jakarta campus (2/4/2017). He told that the damage of environment in Indonesia has been so massive because of the lack of law enforcement. “I have been a law practitioner for years, so I can say that 70 percent of our law is flawed and prone to manipulation,” he said.

Many companies were given right to manage the forest, but what they care is only profit. “Instead of cutting down the trees, these companies just burned down the entire forest to clear the land for palm oil plantation,” he added. The reason for the forest burned is simple, because it is the cheapest way to get cleared land. No wonder every year during the dry season our neighbor countries such as Malaysia and Singapore are complaining due to the haze caused by the burning forest. “The problem will be worsen because most of the burned areas are peatland, we can pour water on the burning area, however the fire still exists underground,” Laode explained.

Law enforcement needs to be reinforced to prosecute those people who violate the law. KPK so far has brought some government officials, businessmen, and politicians to the jail for their misconducts. Still, it doesn’t bring deterrent effect for the violators. “We need to work harder to ensure the law has been enforced properly,” he added.

IMG_2239Laode Syarif was selected as the Commissioner of KPK in 2015. This former law lecturer and lawyer got bachelor of law from University of Hasanuddin, LL.M from the Queensland University of Technology, and Ph.D in International Environment from University of Sydney.

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