March 2019, MRT Jakarta Opens for Public!

IMG_1478_“Overall the progress is 65%. We targeting the project will finish and open for public in March 2019,”said the Head of Business Development Division, Fuad Fachroeddin, on Thursday (2/3/2017). As part of Operation Management class, students of Executive MBA ITB had a chance to visit the most anticipated public transportation in Jakarta. For more than an hour, the 50 students witnessed the construction after more than two decades of postponement. The US$1.7 billion rail-based MRT megaproject is expected to solve the traffic gridlock in the capital Jakarta.

The visit to MRT began from Jalan Sudirman. Wearing personal protective equipment and a safety helmet, they went down to almost 30 meters to explore the curved tunnel. Although the air was thick and hot like wandering into a steam bath, they were impressed by the infrastructure of capital’s first ever underground railway.

Just a couple of weeks ago as written by the Jakarta Post, President Jokowi also visited the tunnel and announced the progress. During his visit, the President wished to have the construction completed during the Asian Games in August 2018.


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