A Place for Business and Management Consulting Managed by MBA-ITB Students


In line with the vision to educate and develop future business leaders who are capable, innovative and entrepreneurial, the MBA program at ITB (MBA-ITB) always develops and innovate its learning process.

One of the innovation is Business Clinic. This program is a collaboration between MBA-ITB and CIEL(Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership) at SBM-ITB. It is provided as the vehicle for MBA-ITB students to apply their skills and knowledge and contribute to the business community as business and management consultantsfor Small and Medium Enterprisesin Bandung and the surrounding areas.


The purposes of the business clinics are :

  1. To provide service to the business community especially Small and Medium Enterprises in Bandung and the surrounding areas to solve their business-related problems in order to grow their businesses.
  2. To demonstrate the ability of MBA-ITB students to the public in dealing with real business cases, as well as to be a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity of MBA-ITB.
  3. To establish cooperative relationships with business community and other institutions.
  4. To attractprospective students to join and learn in MBA-ITB.

Business Clinic MBA-ITB Consultant

The next term of business clinic will comence from January to June 2013. The consultants are MBA-ITB students of the Young Professional program, particularly the batch 46 (R46) who have studied for 2 semesters and mastered business analysis and decision making skills. The students come from prestigius universities in Indonesia such as ITB, UI, UGM, UNPAD, IPB, UNPAR, IM Telkom, IT Telkom, Maranatha University, Bina Nusantara, University of Andalas and have showns an excellent academic performance.