MBA ITB Characters

Our Groundwork: “Striving for Excellence”
MBA Institut Teknologi Bandung (MBA ITB) is looking for the best talents who have commitment of striving for excellence in business and management development in world level. We measure our success from learning process quality and also on how our graduates implement their knowlegde, ability and show their quality.

Leader who Respects and Practices The Value
MBA ITB study program has mission to educate business future leaders. We believe that business leader would face complex business situation, when innovation and challenge become issues which can destroy business in minutes. To encounter that issue, we prepare our students well to understand developing and sustainable concept,competitiveness and quickness, and also soft skill to manage all.

Growth and Sustainability
Every MBA ITB students must trust that business have to grow. However, they should be pursued continuous growth not just a growth that is fantastic that will be eroded in time an instant.The ability to produce innovations that provide added value the high is the answer.Be innovative alone is not enough because you can produce creations being debonair, but no one appreciate and buy it.This is where the understanding of added value. Innovations have to be useful and yield a profit for the stakeholders.

Competitiveness and Agility
MBA ITB students have to show that they are able to compete with graduates from other business schools, both at national and international level. Hence, MBA ITB study program always do benchmark with a school other business and we apply a higher standard than any other business school in Indonesia. Competitiveness of MBA ITB students having uniqueness because they have fluidity to practical landscape. MBA ITB students must be able to recognize the problems and challenges business, see it with diligence and find innovative breakthrough.This can be accomplished through a combination of accordance theory and practice, insight from local businesses (national) and global and ability to develop networks, which is very important for success in business.

Lead and Grow with Soft Skill
MBA ITB students are directed to become a leader in the business. Their opinions and recommendations are become very meaningful input for the growth and sustainability of the business. They are aware that their success is supported by teamwork and sensitivity to environmental and social issues. To be working effectively in teams, we equip them with the ability to recognize themselves, their environment, and manage the potential as well as the condition of being an effective cooperation relations and mutual respect.

These character should be understood by every decent of MBA ITB and we brought it into the context of business wherever we are to achieve a steady business that brings advantage to the entire content of this nature.