Outbbound Before starting the lecturing process, MBA-ITB held an outbound activities and ESQ to encourage self-reliance, dynamics, and creativity in groups. In addition techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was also introduced to the students. NLP is a model of interpersonal communication and alternative approach to psychotherapy based upon subjective learning about language, communication, and personal change. Through NLP techniques, students can learn about the working mechanism of the mind and various ways of interacting with the environment and other students, accompanied by the method to make changes that will provide great benefits in lecturing process.

System and the learning process is conditioned and directed to the level of independence and creativity of students with active learning systems as well as the ability to make systemic and integrated decisions.The role of the lecturer in the classroom as a motivator as well as a facilitator through lectures and class discussions. MBA-ITB using a pattern teaching system called Participant Centered Learning (PCL). PCL method is the lecture method oriented to the active participation of the student. Students are also required to read the syllabus before class starts, so they will be ready to follow the lecture. In addition to delivering a lecture, the Lecturer also give questions to the students to explore opinions and making every effort to develop analysis thinking of the student. Later on, lecturer summarizes the material based on the results of discussion or students thoughts connected with the conditions that exist in the field.

Duta Foto Stock (32)Presentation of the lecture material applied in MBA-ITB is a combination between theory and case studies with composition 40% of theory and 60% of case studies. Lecturers provide students the concept of theory and engage them in discussions related to the context and case studies. The formation of a small group or a working group known as the syndicate is one way for students to work together solving a case study and other duties.

The method for the application of case study:

  • Read the case study prior to the lecture.We recommend 3 hours before the lecture started discussing these case studies with the group.
  • Discuss the case studies with the group. Provide time approximately 1.5 hours for each task.
  • Participate in class discussions, this will give you the opportunity to share with classmates to gain insights from related work experience with the topic of discussion.

To give experience of real work, Young Professional Students are given an opportunity for MBA internship at the company. In this internship program students can participate in direct work and can contribute to help problems in the company.

Besides that, there will be also individual tasks, group work, debates, business simulations, and mentoring. Procurement program field trip to help students in observing business processes and as a step to bring educational programs to the business world as well as the preparation of students for their final project. In addition to expanding the horizons and get an overview of the company’s management practices then held seminars and invite guest lecturers such as the CEO of the company, Manager of the professional, entrepreneur, and experts in relevant disciplines with courses.