MBA program in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (MBA-CCE) will be delivered by Clinical Faculty, who are mostly practitioners and entrepreneurs in creative and cultural areas.

Ananda Buddhisuharto, Master of Ceremony

Andara Rainy Ayudini, Miss Tourism Indonesia 2009

Ben Wirawan, Founder Mahanagari

benBen finished his bachelor degree in Industrial Design ITB. He was a product design specialist and design planner for EIGER brand products. Years after, Ben created his own brand, Mahanagari, known as the local clothing line from Bandung, Indonesia. They picked up history, culture, and social life in Bandung city as the theme for Mahanagaris designs and print them into T-shirt. Mahanagari packages their product uniquely and eco-friendly. Received Gold Award for Best Design of Indonesia in 2008, nowadays Ben is also known as a social entrepreneur.

Benny S Gunawan, Owner of Several Businesses in IT and Micro-Finance

Betti Alisjahbana, Founder of QB International

Budiono Kartohadiprodjo, Gatra Editor-in-chief

Dani Adun Hamdani, Marketing Director of Gatra Magazine

Felix Sadikin, Expert in Shoes Industry

Felix_AweiCHANGE. That was what Felix Sadikin did when he managed a shoe company owned by his father, Foximas Mandiri (FM) in early 2001. The changes were almost touching all aspects in the business. The main objective was moving from a product oriented company to a market oriented company. Felix also redefined the market segmentation. He made a lot of innovation, both in terms of materials and design. While on the marketing side, Felix did an aggressive advertising campaign in the media, sponsorship, and exhibitions. Nominated as a ‘Young Marketer Award’ from SWA magazined in 2003, Felix has been expanding his business to other fields, including clothing line, furniture, advertising agency, and culinary. Recent business activity is in culinary, Spaghetti World and developed as a Restaurant and Kitchen Management and Consultant, Rich Kitchen.

Feny Mustafa, Founder of Shafira Boutique

fanyFeny is one well known fashion entrepreneur in Indonesia. In January 1989, Feny started her business with a muslim clothing line named Shafira. Supported by a strong and professional management system, now we could find her showrooms among major cities in Indonesia. As a fashion brand, Shafira has achieved an international recognition of ISO 9001:2000 certificate. At present, Feny has been expanding her business to other fields, including restaurant, beauty salon and real estate.

Gagan Sugandi, Managing Director of PT. Trimitra Garmedindo (PT. Trimed)

gaganPT. Trimed, founded in 1992, provides every kinds of sleeve extension (nylon and cotton puff) and medical bag/caseware for PT. Sugih Instrumendo Abdo (SIA). Gagan found the idea of medical bags when he went to a medical kit expo at Dusseldorf, Germany. In 2000, he executed that idea after years of researching through exhibition catalogs, brochures, and flyers. PT. Trimed opened his own market by making good use of its connection with PT. SIA and participating in international events. Trimed products have reached USA, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia to name a few.

Garin Nugroho, Film Director

Gerald Lidstone, Director of ICCE Goldsmith, University of London

Hariono, Founder of Midori Restaurant and Bersih Sehat

Isti Dhaniswari, Expert in Europe's Market Trends

istidhaniswariBack to the year of 1994, right after she completed her Bachelor in Design, majoring Product Design, in Bandung Institute of Technology, Isti began her Industrial Design career as an in house designer in Panasonic Indonesia (Formerly PT. National Gobel). Moving to germany in 1996, is another chapter in life in which she decided to work as a freelance designer. Isti started to make her private studies about Indonesian craft. The goal is: to make Indonesian products becoming the winning product in European market. Using the skill of Lifestyle research and of course Trend reading, that had created tendencies and even the lifestyle itself. For this purpose, she built a special e-shop for Indonesian crafts in Germany.2002 Isti started to make her private studies on Indonesian craft.

The last activity she did for Indonesian product was mentoring and preparing a ceramic workshop for German market on its way to Ambiente exhibition in Frankfurt, February 2011. For July 20, 2011, Isti acts as the Project Organizer for the exhibition ‘Asien Pazifik Forum Bayern’ in Nuremberg, held by Bavarian Chamber of Commerce, working together with Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main; inviting Indonesian small entrepreneurs for a stand fee-free exhibition that will meet them with companies in the region. Least but not least; as a Trend watcher, Isti had set herself into an interesting trend created by optical sensor technology called the affordable DSLR cameras. With some other amateur Photographers in Germany, Isti is preparing a book on Photography, under a contract of a German publisher.

Jubing Kristianto, Famous acoustic guitarist

Nining I. Soesilo, Expert on Small Medium Enterprises and Financing

Nyoman Nuarta, Founder of NuArt

Perry Tristianto, Ownner of Factory Outlets in Bandung

Raden Sirait, Founder of Luire Boutique

raden_siraitRaden did not take too long to establish himself among the ranks of Indonesia’s leading fashion designers. So far he has created 15 thousand pieces of clothing work in 15 years, and not less than 5 thousand kebaya’s design for 5 years. Raden focuses on raising Luire Boutique brand with 3 main fashion lines; evening dress, kebaya, and batik.
A great of his contemplation of love and struggle of life revealed into a greatest work: Kebaya for The World. Raden said, ‘I might just have a small chance to compete with world designers in making evening dress, but let’s grab the worlds attention through Kebaya’. His commitment is to popularize Kebaya on the world stage and to be the international trendsetter.

Prof. Dr. Rudy Harjanto, Expert and practitioner in advertising

Sakti Wahyu Trenggono, Founder of TRG Group

Sari Wahjuni, Expert in Legal Aspect and Taxation

Tasya Nuarta, Creative Entrepreneur

Tonton Taufik, Expert in Digital Marketing

Rendy Maulana, Chief Executive Officer

Tiarma Dame Ruth Sirait, S.Sn, B.A., M.A., Founder of Poleng Studio

Tiarma Sirait began her study in Textile Design at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Graduating in 1994 from Faculty of Art and Design Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), she went to Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) majoring Fashion Design. She was also honored a STINT scholarship Program to finish her study of Master in Fashion & Textile Design at University of Boras, Sweden.

Since 2007 until now, she has been a lecturer in Fashion, Textile & Graphic Design at Maranatha Christian University, Bandung, in year 2009 until now became a Graphic Lecturer on International Program at Harapan Bangsa Institute of Technology (ITHB), Bandung and in year 2009 until 2010 became a Textile Lecturer at Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta and in year 2012 until now became an Entrepreneurial Modelling Lecturer at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) School of Business & Management, Bandung, Indonesia.

In 1997, being a founder and also an artist of her own Private Studio for Fashion and Design called “Poleng Studio”, she has received many astonishing awards in Creativity Designs & Art Awards from many countries. The fabulous artworks of “2008 Won’t Ever Be” have been chosen as the permanent collection of the Olympic Fine Arts Museum, CHINA. Some of the honoring award experiences were the Excellent Award for the 3rd and 5th the CHINA-ASEAN YOUTH ARTWORK CREATIVITY CONTEST at Guangxi Nation Art Palace, China in 2008, besides: 2011 One of Indonesia?s most experienced Fashion Designer from the Australia Unlimited Magazine?s version; 2009 Sariwangi Gold Selection for 6 women artists, a Special Presentation on Appreciation of Six of Indonesia’s Dedicated Woman Artists @Nikko Hotel, Jakarta – Indonesia; 2008 Finalist Australian Alumni Awards for Culture & Art @Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta ? Indonesia; 2002 Winning to become an Indonesian Representative for the Concours International des Jeunes Createurs de Mode 2002 @Carrousel du Louvre, Paris – France, Tiarma also has participated in many of domestic and overseas exhibitions.

In 2005, Tiarma was also an ARTIST IN RESIDENCY, in Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka – JAPAN; and in 2006, Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery and Action Factory, Blackburn ? ENGLAND.

Tiarma’s artwork uses pink as the main color to give an eccentric sensation for her creation; and pink also means very girly, kitsch, and synthetic. It has been her signature to use this brilliant color in her artwork.

Tiarma actively participate in many exhibitions around the world, such as in Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, Cuba, Poland, Japan, United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, China, Colombia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Portugal, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, USA, Korea and many other countries.