Began with MM Technology ITB in 1990
Established on 30 September 1990 as Master of Management Technology ITB (MM Technology ITB), the program was intended to maximize our contribution and social responsibility to Indonesia’s economic development.

ITB decided to organize a new faculty named School of Business and Management ITB in December 2003. SBM ITB provides not only a quality degree; it seeks to offer an educational and practical experience which will be significant to enter the new phase in your life. Within this business school, the MM Technology was subsequently integrated into Master of Business Administration (MBA) ITB.

Mission and Vision
Within the new spirit of the School of Business and Management, the MBA ITB has declared its mission and vision as follows:

  • To educate and develop future leaders in business who embrace and uphold the spirit of entrepreneurship and ethics in business
  • To develop relevant and practical business and management knowledge
  • To continuously develop business and management education that can fulfill the needs of high quality human capitals for enhancing the competitiveness of the Indonesian industry

“In 2020, MBA ITB is an internationally recognized study program that provides education and business solution that are relevant, creative and applicable for business professionals in the globally connected world.”

A Sphere for Innovative Business Society
There are many reasons that attract our students to be part of SBM ITB family. One of those reasons points to the A level accreditation with 4.8 score out of 5. SBM ITB therefore positions itself on the top of the list for Master of Management program in Indonesia.
MBA ITB provides extensive programs concerned with all aspects of organizational management and business development. It offers unique program for both fresh graduates and experienced applicants. In conjunction with this idea, we also put emphasis upon the development of the innovative, critical, and interpersonal capabilities significant to the birth of effective business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Teaching and Learning with Business Cases
With the quality of our curriculum which focuses on a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, we highlight business cases as our primary teaching modules. With this case?study method, we highly expect our graduates to acquire competence in business and management as well as to have a strong social responsibility in making decisions to satisfy the needs of industry, community, and scholars. Students also interact with business practitioners during their courseworks. They are CEOs, managers, business owners and influential persons in business who bring insight and inspiration to the class.

International Standard
Since 2013, The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, a 21st century organization (ABEST 21)granted MBA ITB program an international accreditation level A (excellent) and also acknowledgement for “Excellence in Practice in Interactive Knowledge Sharing System”. Aim to grasp the international standard of business school; SBM ITB continuing membership to international accreditation organizations since 2008: the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) which grants EQUIS accreditation and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in USA which is the AACSB accreditation body. With this accreditation, SBM ITB has passed the eligible stage to become internationally recognized business school.
The MBA ITB has been chosen by the Aalto School of Economics of Finland (formerly known as Helsinki School of Economics) as the partner in running a double degree program intended for senior executives and business owners who seek quality education to be global leaders. The Aalto School of Economics is a triple crown business school, a common term to those which hold accreditation from EQUIS, AACSB and the Associations of MBA, the top three international accreditations. The double degree program is truly an acknowledgement for our international education standard.

MBA Alumni
More than 2141 MBA alumni have been hired as top-level managers to state owned companies, multi national companies, and also private enterprises. Survey conducted by MARS and SWA (local) magazine in 2003 placed SBM ITB as the number-one business school successfully satisfied the needs of the industries. In 2009, the school won the prestigious position as the Best Graduate B-School in Indonesia by the business magazine.