Program characteristics to be formed by MSM Program study is divided into 3 basic parts as follows :
1. The knowledge component

  • Knowledge and understanding of building a conceptual framework, analytic and systemic has strong capabilities in analytical and systemic in facing the global challenges in the areas of Management
  • Have knowledge and a complete understanding of the stages and the implementation of the research includes the identification of problems, the construction of research questions, research methodology proper analysis, which also includes analytical instruments (statistics, modeling, and others) are needed, as well as techniques for synthesizing research results.

2. The Skills component

  • Have the skills to build, execute, and manage research critically and creatively using appropriate research methods that can contribute to the knowledge and contextual problem-solving solutions.
  • Have the ability to communicate research results effectively both verbally through presentations at scientific meetings of national and international level

3. The Attitude component

  • Have a scholarship character: honest, open, optimistic, creative, innovative, responsible, lifelong learning, and professional.
  • Ability to work in teams and interdisciplinary and ready to fill management positions in industry that require high analytical ability: academic, consultant, analyst and others