MSM 2014

MSM Regular

Adya Kartika Cita
I decided to choose MSM ITB because it offers program emphasized in research area, and I perceived it as complimentary to my goal to be a lecturer.

Chandra Gumelar
I want to take the next step in my career and this seem the perfect foundation, when I started my MSM at ITB School of Business and Management I did not realize was the extent to which I was going to be a part of a vibrant and intellectually community.

Dania Nurissa Dwiartika
MSM is the right business school to choose with the affordable fee for a bachelor in science. With the best lectures from every sides of management, even by applying knowledge in MSM, makes me a better person.

Daniel Adrian
It provides a very demanding path for my future career as an expertise, and closely related with my career objectives. Furthermore, SBM ITB’s reputation is very promising as one of the best business school in Indonesia, so that taking part within it by joining MSM program which is very affordable is very delightful.

Diena Yudiarti
I’m intend to improve my knowledge in social science, and MSM offers this kind of new experience which is supporting my intellectual curiosity. Not be left out, It’s affordable tuition with good curriculum, competent lecturers and excellent networking.

Erlangga Mahardika
I have a vision to be a lecturer, a big hope for lecturing in ITB. I found the study process is effective, the way of lecturing and the assignments made me easy to understand the subject study.

Fera Yunita
I take management science to improve my skill and knowledge. In the next future, I would like to become lecturer in the agriculture social economic department and social researcher as well. I decided to go to MSM SBM ITB because of its relevancies with my graduate background and related to future job, affordable cost and high job placement.

Ilham Fadhil N
MSM ITB offer broad and interesting course to encourage me in studying management science. It is privilege to learn and study from prominent researchers and lectures in MSM ITB.

lvan Fauzan
My first impression about MSM is that in MSM we can get skill to become a professional worker and researcher. The curriculum inside MSM gives us a lot of task and sharpened our skill in research.

Khuldia Indi
MSM ITB is the best place to study management in research way in Indonesia. Many lectures have a lot of experiences in their field. By using English in the class makes me easier to learn English conversation.

Hiroki Kumashiro
I decided to go MSM-SBM because I like the program structure, the faculty member consist of great experts in various expertise droups and DMD program between ITB and TUS consider with my future plan.

Layung Anindya P
I choose MSM because of this program is research based and supports the students to think creatively in doing research.

Mikhael Tjhi
I choose MSM ITB as my graduate program because MSM is have a scientific approach for management research and leader in People and Knowledge Management (PKM). By studying in MSM I will become a researcher, an inventor, and a consultant, for management especially in PKM.

Mutia Ulfi
To make every solution become optimal is the idea which I intended to learn more, thus it expected can be applied annually. I got from my previous study and drove me to be curious in its application. Strengthened by a working experience as a marketing analyst, the needs to learn management formally became more important for me. Beside, to learn management as science had appealed me, that?s why I chose MSM.

Naomi Putri
I decided to take master degree in MSM-ITB because I interest in decision making.

Nicko Indra Bashkara
I decided to go to MSM-SBM ITB because it is the best management school in Indonesia, supported by professional lecturers and good learning situation.

Niken Larasati
I chose MSM because i want to learn Management in Science to understand the deeper knowledge about Management. Also, MSM has the good curriculum that focus on research. It provides their students to learn both theories and practical in management that supported by the best lecturer that gives students new knowledge and insight.

Novi Amelia
Having interested in social research, I decided to continue my study in Master of Science in Management ITB. One of the subject that I have been curious about is branding science. Since it is not just applicable to market a product, but also city, nation, even people. I chose MSM ITB because MSM offers a good environment for scholars and affordable tuition fee.

Noorhan Firdaus Pambudi
I decided to take master degree in MSM ITB because I want to learn more about knowledge in management especially operation management in different perspective. Beside that, I want to have more experience in conducting social science research to become a professional scholar.

Patricia Racel Rismayenlis
I chose MSM SBM ITB for its vibrant yet young community supporting various ideas on management to flourish under the supervision of the best instructors in Indonesia.

Ratna Hidayati
I have found research fascinating since my engineering days, especially when i worked on my undergraduate final year projects. And I believe engineering combines with management, it would enable me to channel my quantitative and conceptual skills in analyzing business issues and would open up new avenues in research.

Ridhan Fadhlir Rahman
I decided to go to MSM SBM ITB because MSM ITB is the best business school in Indonesia. In MSM ITB we can learn many things and we also improve management skills and knowledge.

Salma Azzahra
Magister of Science in Management is the best business school in Indonesia with professional and competent lecturer, good program, and provides complete tool to be a professional scholar and researcher. That’s why I decided to take master in here.

Tania Anjary Fadhillanisa
My interest in research and marketing motivate me to decide to continue my study in MSM ITB immediately after graduated.

Mohamad Hutomo
From the moment I saw MSM profile, I believe MSM will help me further to develop my passion in human capital. Also the MSM research approach in management is suitable with my previous study style in engineering.

Vania Nur Rizqi R
I decided to take magister program to achieve my dream to become a lecturer. MSM ITB gives me a lot of experience and knowledge about management.

Yani Kartika
Well-defined curriculum with focus on research, competent lecturers, and good facilities are a perfect combination as right place to sharpen my knowledge and skill.

MSM in Finance

Ervin Salim
MSM ITB is one of the best business school in Indonesia, and I chose MSM in finance because I think finance is one of the knowledge that are important for us in the real world. I hope, by applying knowledge in MSM in Finance, it will make me can compete in the real world.

Fumito Shimokawa
I believe MSM ITB and Double master degree program would help me broaden my horizons and acquire new skills.

Heni Wulandari
I choose MSM in Finance ITB because it is one of the best business school in Indonesia. I want to work in the finance area, and I hope by entering MSM in Finance can support me to achieve my dream.

Indriani Rustomo
I chose MSM in Finance to become a professional scholar.

Kicky Eka
I choose MSM in Finance because it offers the best curriculum in finance area study. I hope it will be useful for my career.

Muhamad Ihsan
It is inquisitive to have a study experience in such engaging, market-driven institution as MSM ITB. The academic niche is conspicuously conducive.

Rio Adrianus
I chose MSM because its curriculums are concentrated in finance area and the topics are interesting and up to date.

Sita Deliyana Firmialy
I am very sure MSM program in finance will improve my knowledge and skills, satisfy my passion for learning something new, and gave me challenge to get a brighter future, help me to be a person that can give benefit to myself, my family, people around me and the whole community.

Tara Raissa
I chose MSM in finance program at SBM ITB because I wish in the future it will enable me to become one of the finance professional in corporate area. Besides, the area of study is so interesting.

Yudiono Omar
I chose MSM in Finance because I want to learn about finance in order to know the situation of Indonesia?s finance and ITB is the best place to get the knowledge.