MSM 2012

Shogo Takeda

Graduate Assistant: JASSO Scholarship

Holds a B.S. in Science and Engineering from the Faculty of Industrial Administration, Tokyo University of Science.
He currently focuses on the relation between land use and transportation in Indonesia under supervision Ir Gatot Yudoko,MASC. Ph.D. His hobbies are watching movie, playing billiard and playing baseball.

I decided to go to MSM SBM ITB because of getting excellent double degree program.

Shunsuke Sato

Graduate Assistant: JASSO Scholarship

Holds a Bachelor degree of Engineering in Industrial Administration from Tokyo University of Science (TUS), Japan. He came here from TUS by Double Master Degree program. He roles is to analyze price movement of economic indicators. He intends to work as researcher of risk management in trading company, under supervision of Deddy P. Koesrindartoto, Ph.D. Recently, he is doing a research on prediction of oil price and economic indicators and development of optimal portfolio. His hobbies is watching soccer game and investment in equity.

I decided to take master degree in MSM ITB because MSM is the best place to improve my management skill and Double Master Degree Program between ITB and TUS coincide with my future plan.

Ratih Kurniasari
Graduate Assistant

After finished my bachelor in Aeronautics and Astronautics ITB, I decided to take magister program for achieve my dream to become lecturer. My background was engineering and I determined management as my master field because I am interested in management, it was a fundamental knowledge for our live and the implementation of management was broad. Now I am interested in finance, under supervision Deddy P. Koesrindartoto PhD, working on Devoloping Vix Index in Indonesia for Hedging The exchange Rate Exposure. I spent my free time with reading comics and handicraft made.

Magister Science Management is my preference to enduring my master program because MSM consist of research and prospect for being lecturer.

Ashri Putri Rahadi

Graduate Assistant : SBM ITB Scholarship

She was graduated from Mechanical Engineering ITB. She was Heat-Transfer assistant and had done final project in researching Energy Conversion Machinery in PLTA Saguling .She had worked as Mechanical Engineer involved in Engineering & Construction phase for several projects in Lampung, Cilacap and Brunei Darussalam and got working internship in Yokohama. Later, She worked as Project Engineer in Oil&Gas Multinational Company before entering the MSM Course. Along her career, she realized that the great management is the success key of the whole projects. According to her experience, all of Operation, People & Knowledge, Marketing, Business Risk and Finance and Decision Making and Negotiation play important role in the real industries, that is why she opens for studying all. Currently, She is working for Dr. Ir. Budhi Arta Surya, MSc to research Tax Convexity effect in Optimal Capital Structure.Balancing the academic life, She is raising her two-babies happily. She is also promoting ASI-Exclusive among Indonesia mothers and soon to be lactation counselor. She is empowering mothers for going back to school since women have important roles in economic development,nation character building as well as the future generation education. My motivation for entering MSM is to fulfill curiosity of integrated knowledge. By learning the philosophy, I could cope both in theoretical and practical issues.

MSM ITB is the best business school in Indonesia with affordable fee. Many lecturers are inspiring for being wise decision maker in the real world. Even, by applying knowledge in MSM, makes me a better person

Mochamad Sandy Triady

Graduate Assistant: SBM ITB Scholarship

I hold bachelor degree from Industrial Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). I had worked at insurance company as Actuarial Analyst under Actuary and Information Management Services Division. I have big interest in finance and currently join in Business Risk and Finance major under supervision of Deddy P. Koesrindartoto, Ph.D. My research will be focused on development of market based instrument for Indonesian carbon market. Outside study, I enjoy trying new culinary experiences, I am a food enthusiast.

Looking for graduate school to get higher education was not simple thing and MSM SBM ITB offers what the graduate school should provide. Well-defined curriculum with focus on research, competent lecturers, and good facilities are a perfect combination as right place to sharpen my knowledge and skill.

Niken Prasasti Martono

Graduate Student

I hold a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Engineering Pyhsics, Institut Teknologi Bandung. During my undergraduate study, I was assigned as an assistant lecturer in Probability and Statistics in my third year. After graduated, I was working in one of Singapore international school in Bandung as a kindergarten teacher for a year.
My research interest is in strategic negotiation, under the Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation interest group, with Dr. Pri Hermawan, S.T., MT as my supervisor. I enjoy writing and travelling in my spare time.

I decided to have a master of science in management degree in MSM SBM ITB because as I know management science is concerned with developing and applying models that help to solve management issues and problems, so that I believe that here is my right place to learn more

Mutiara Laksminingrum Sidharta

Graduate Assistant : SBM ITB Scholarship

Mutiara holds a Bachelor degree in Biology from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). After a year being a project research assistant in Center for Life Sciences ITB, she was awarded the Monbukagakusho scholarship, which flew her to Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan to be a research student. She then pursued her Master in the same university, conducting research in natural products chemistry. Having a switch in her concern, which she gradually gained during her study, she saw her field from a different perspective. She therefore decided to enroll in the MSM program. Instead of becoming a research scientist, she prefers to contribute in paving the way for promoting science and technology in Indonesia. Incorporating her experience in laboratory research, she is willing to obtain comprehensive understanding to optimize the use of research in science and technology for our society. Interested in policy making, she currently joins the Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation research group under the supervision of Dr. Utomo Sarjono Putro. She looks forward to work as both a consultant and lecturer. In her free time, she enjoys watching J-drama series, reading, traveling, and photography.

Emphasizing on research in management, MSM SBM ITB offers distinctive curriculum, which becomes the major point of interest for me. Its wide range of research fields, excellent lecturers, and known reputation as the best business school in Indonesia further encouraged me to choose this graduate program.

Trisha Saraswati
Graduate Student

Holds a Bachelor Degree in Management specialty on Finance and Business Management from Catholic Parahyangan University. After graduated, she joined COOP Program that held by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (PT TELKOM) on 2011 and continuing her online business until now. She is brand ambassador for several fashion brand and spends her free time in modelling activity. Currently she is interested in operation and performance management for layout designing in public service such as hospital, working with Dr. Mursyid Hasan Basri, S.T., M.T. Her passions are on fashion, mode and photography.

Idecided to go to MSM, SBM ITB because their objective can fulfill my desire as a lecture, affordable tuition, and also has excellent and competent lecturers

Vicka Kharisma

Graduate Assistant: SBM ITB Scholarship

“Holds a Bachelor degree in biology from school of life sciences – Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. I was worked as an relationship manager at one of the biggest government’s financial institution in Indonesia. I am currently interested in the Decission Making and science negotiation. My hobbies are travelling, reading novel, and fashion.

I decided to take master degree in MSM ITB because the curricullum mostly taking place for some research in management. And I think, this major is the perfect choice to me.

Edwina Triwibowo

Graduate Assistant: SBM ITB Scholarship

A graduate student from Industrial Engineering ITB that has done several projects in some companies like PT Pertamina, PT TELKOM, and PT PUSRI related to their human resource management system, supervised by her lecture in Industrial Engineering Department. She also done her internship at PT Telkom in 2009 as a Job Management officer. She likes to watch music concert, reading fiction books, and watching movies in her spare times.

Currently, she’s taking the MSM program because she wants to experiencing a new field in Operatin Management, especially in Supply Chain Management. She’s doing research with Gatot Yudoko Ph.D as her supervisor.

Ami Fitri Utami

Graduate Assistant: SBM ITB Scholarship

After graduated from Faculty of Economics (Majoring Business Management) UNPAD in 2011, I was working in The Nielsen Company Indonesia as Research Project Management for Quantitative International Research. During my college time, I used to become a Teaching Assistant (As.Dos) for Strategic Management subject under supervision of Popy Rufaidah, Phd for 1 year (2010-2011).
My research interest is in People Knowledge Management, concentrating on Organization Behavior (Organizational Culture, change, and commitment), my past bachelor degree research also contended about how organizational culture influenced the organizational commitment in one of state owned company by using Denison & Denison model and OCQ. Now, I am working my research under supervision of Dr. Ir. Yuni Ros Bangun, MBA.
I spend my leisure time by watching movies.

I believe that MSM SBM ITB is a really good place to maximize my potential, especially as a researcher

Novia Dwi Resti

Graduate Assistant: SBM ITB Scholarship

I hold bachelor degree in Management and Business (S.M.B) from Telkom Institute of Management, Bandung in 2012. I just graduated and I choose to continue my study in MSM directly. For supporting my passion I decided to learn more about Marketing, especially about branding and customer experience under the supervision of Mr. Reza Ashari Nasution, Ph.D. in my spare time, I like to cook, watch television and movie. Since I joined MSM my new hobby is reading journal and paper.

I decided to enter MSM in order to explore and develop my passion in marketing research, MSM-SBM-ITB has good reputation and the best choice to continue study in master degree, , MSM-SBM-ITB has excellent lecturers, adorable!

Rizki Siti Nurfitria
Graduate Assistant: SBM ITB Scholarship

I hold a bachelor degree and also Professional degree in the study program of Pharmacy from Institut Teknologi Bandung. I previously worked as a pharmacist in UPT Layanan Kesehatan ITB Bumi Medika Ganesa. In my job, I focused on drug information services and helping patient for self medication. I found that being in the field of health care community is interesting and challenging. I met new people every day and learned inevitably from problem and case. Knowing that in the world now economic development has changed from agriculture, goods manufacturing to information and service industry, I think it?s very important to develop service management. Health and education are important things all community must be served and they are also main public sector that should be well managed so I am really interested to learn and do research in service management especially in health care and public services. In SBM I join the Research Group of Operations and Performance Management under supervision of Dr. Mursyid Hasan Basri. In the future, I intend to work as a consultant and lecturer while developing clinical and community pharmacy. I spend my spare time enjoying music, travelling, reading books about personal development, personal finance and make-up artist.

I decided to join MSM ITB because the program delivered great knowledge exchange experience through various learning methods, encouraged critical thinking, had competent lecturers and good curriculum that support for doing research in business and management

Dhany Dewantara
Graduate Assistant: SBM ITB Scholarship

I graduated at 2007 from Astronomy ITB. I have been trying to find ways developing business in media since 2005, and have opportunity to build start up company for trading Turpentine but didn’t last long.

Start with astronomy media with my fellow alumni from astronomy department of ITB that is now hosted, previously named centaurusmagz. When we build the media, I also try to find my fortune by selling telescopes. Even though there were not many telescopes sold, but I met many people that were very happy to have a telescope as it were their dream to have a telescope since they were little.

A year after start, I have been asked to join a team for helping Public Relation office of ITB to make their media that was founded at around 1979 but postponed for the last few years as they were shortage of people that can operate it. The media is Berkala ITB, a bulletin with only 8-10 pages that was evolved to itbMAGZ launched on the same day as the 92 years celebration day of the First Engineering Higher Education in Indonesia at July 3rd, 2012.

Since I joined Public Relation office of ITB, on 2006, I had been helping some work other than the media itself. After a year postponed the work on the office because of the turpentine company, I start to help again at 2009 until now. It also inspired me to work my research on the Public Relation services management in Higher Education, or in more general is as same agenda as the service management research that is the main topic area of Dr. Mursyid Hasan Basri from Operation & Performance Management interest group. I am glad that Dr. Mursyid agreed to guide me in my research.

My current activities, other than helping Public Relation office, start at June 2012 was helping SBM-ITB in Quality Assurance as the system analyst, previously I also help the Internationalization program for a year.

My adventurous life had been brought me to this remarkable program to help me build the foundation of my way of thinking.

Christian Wibisono

Graduate Assistant: SBM ITB Scholarship

Hold a bachelor degree in Management from Parahyangan University and currently is working as an assistant lecturer in Management UNPAR.
My research interest is in marketing, more specifically in consumer behavior. I am going to work with Dr. Mustika Sufiati Purwanegara for research and thesis. My long life goal is to be a successful entrepreneur and an inspiring lecturer.
During my free time, I love to play soccer, play guitar, and read books.

I decided to go to MSM ITB because I believe it will help me to achieve my goal in becoming a lecturer, it will sharpen my critical thinking, and because of the reputation that ITB have, entering ITB will broaden my link in academic and professional world.

Katlea Fitriani

Graduate Student: SBM ITB Scholarship

Holds a Bachelor degree in chemical engineering from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya, Indonesia. She has worked as an assistant Project engineer at one of the biggest multinational telecommunication vendor in Indonesia. She is currently interested in the Operation and Performance Management under supervision Ir Gatot Yudoko,MASC. Ph.D. Her hobbies are travelling, reading novel and hanging out with friends.

I decided to take master degree in MSM ITB because the curriculum is really suitable with my future plan.

Rani Restu Iriani

Graduate Student

Holds a bachelor degree in Biology from Padjadjaran University Bandung. I was a Researcher Assistant in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Monitoring under the surveillance of Center of Research and Collaboration in my University for 2 Years. I was also teach at a private vocational school in Sukabumi before I decided to study at SBM ITB.

Controversy and conflicts between environmental conservation and human activities in several sector with lots of interest from various parties encourage me to study about how to make an environmental policy that favorable for all parties and still conserve the environment. Therefore, I decided to joined Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation group expertise under the supervision of Dr. Ir. Utomo Sarjono Putro, M.Eng.

Photography, traveling, music and movies are my choices for spending my free time.

For me, High Quality Education + Excellent People + Prime Facilities = SBM ITB

Annisaa Novieningtyas
Graduate Student

Bachelor Degree in Management specialty on Human Resource Management , from Catholic Parahyangan University. Intend to work as a lecturer or consultant
Join Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation (DMSN) under supervision of Dr. UtomoSarjonoPutro. Hobbies: cooking and photography

I decided to go to MSM-SBM-ITB because offer good curriculum for developing a holistic mindset, good facility, affordable tuition, has competent lecturers.

Septia Sakalini Dioh

Graduate Student

Holds a bachelor degree in Education from Satya Wacana Christian University, Salatiga. She worked as a librarian at Satya Wacana Christian University and taught in Pelita high school salatiga. She has interest in doing research with People and Knowledge Management group. She spends her free time with her son, play game and music.

I decided to go to MSM SBM ITB because affordable cost with high quality to be good researcher

Harry Susatyo
Graduate Student

Holds a Bachelor degree in of Economics from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung-Indonesia. He has worked as Trade Marketing Development Program at multinational tobacco company in Indonesia. He intends to work in Consumer Goods, Banking, and Service Industry. Now he is focusing his study on Business Risk and Finance under supervision of Prof. DR. Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono. He spends his free time with tennis, cycling, and traveling.

I decide to join School of Business and Management ITB because I want to improve my research skill. SBM ITB also offers unique program and provide good facilities to develop hard skills and soft skills

Desi Ambar Prawono

Graduate Student

Holds a bachelor degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Diponegoro (UNDIP), Semarang. I have worked in PT PERSADA BUENA MINING SERVICES as Wellsite Geologist for almost one and a half years. My role are making a report and having responsibility for nickel exploration from drilling until the process in the laboratory, I placed in some areas like Buton Island in Sorawalio, Kabaena Island (Pongkalaero and Kokoe site), and Kendari. I am interested in marketing research especially in the energy and technology scopes, and now I am joined in marketing research expertise under supervision of Mr. Reza Ashari Nasution, Ph.D.

Spending my leisure time for reading, travelling and culinary.

My motivation in joining MSM ITB is to improve my knowledge about management and conduct research which can be useful especially in Geological sector.

I decided to go to the MSM ITB because it offers and provides program that match my desire to learn more about the science of management which accordance with my under-graduate study.

Lani Miliani

Graduate Student

Bachelor degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB). I’ve work at one of international property consultant as property analyst and several development consultant. My role was made feasibility study of property project from physical, planning regulation, and market side. Now I’m working freelance in business development divison at IT consultant with my priority task made business proposal, marketing plan, and marketing strategy.
I’m interest to join Business,strategy & marketing at MSM ITB specially in market research and customer experience under supervision of Reza Azhari Nasution,Ph.D. Marketing is strategic division in one company specially in market research. Through market research we can know insight of our consumer, and knowing customer experience also keep company to increase value of service/products.

I spent my free time with reading books, baking, and gardening.

My motivation entering MSM program at SBM ITB was to learn a good research market method from best lectures at SBM. I also like the approached of MSM program through research approached not practices, because it’s that I want to learn how to be a good researcher or consultant. And I think best practices can we learned through work experience. We only can find business and management school that have research approached at SBM ITB,and if you are wannabe as consultant, researcher or lecture at business and management field, these is the best place in Indonesia, MSM-SBM ITB.

Febrina Fitriyanti Tambunan
Graduate Student
I graduated from University of North Sumatra, Medan with a bachelor degree in Plant Breeding.
I have been exposing to the job market for the past six years. I am working in Singapore Red Cross for Earth quake and Tsunami relief in Nias Island for 2 years and currently working as a Project Manager in an agribusiness and contract farming establishment.

My research interest is in costumer behaviour on healthy food in under the supervision of Dr. Ir. Mustika Sufiati Purwanegara, MSC In Business Strategy and Marketing (BSM). Upon completing my studies I intend to work on agricultural company specially those companies who have vision to help farmers in Indonesia to get better livelihood.
My hobby is travelling to exotic places, eat the local culinary and explore the local culture, on my spare I will spend with watching movies, reading and shopping.

I decided to choose MSM ITB because ITB is one of the leading institutions for education in Indonesia and I surely want to be part of the best. ITB, offered courses that suits my needs in the course of my work especially on Business and management based on research

Abid Alhayyu Indra Kusuma
Graduate Student

Holds a bachelor degree in Library and Information Science from Communication Faculty Padjadjaran University Bandung. I am interested in people at the workplace, so I learn more about Organizational Development Research and hopefully that can be applied in the workplace. I am joined in People and Knowledge Management Research Group under supervision of Dr. Ir. Yuni Ros Bangun MBA. I spend my free time with mountain biking, photography, and travelling activity.

I interest to go to MSM SBM ITB because SBM ITB has an experienced lecturer and good curriculum, so I can learn from the best.

Ajeng Pangesti
Graduate Student

I holds a S.Si in Mathematics from universitas padjadjaran bandung. i have worked in one of actuary consulting in Jakarta, i was responsible in performing data checking and validation for actuarial valuations and in communicating the data issue to clients.
I am interest in Quantitative finance, and I will take the research topic about portfolio under value at risk, under supervision of Dr. Ir. Budhi Arta Surya, MSC.
i love to spent my time with watching dvd or reading a book.

my motivation for entering MSM is i want to work as a lecturer in mathematics finance, and i believe that MSM is the right program to support my dream.

Ani Wahyu Rachmawati
Graduate Student

She was graduated from psychology Faculty of Padjadjaran University. She has passion about people and organization, so she decided to take her special interest in psychology industry and organization. Her interest brings to excited work at people and learning consultant in Bandung as learning designer & facilitator. After that, she worked at USA NGO named Ashoka as youth facilitator and Young Changemakers program officer.

For her achievement as winner of Pekan Kreativitas Mahasiswa (PKM) in Education at University of Padjadjaran, she got a full scholarship from Indonesian Departement Education and Culture and she chose Magister Sains Management of School and Business Management ITB.

She choses MSM SBM ITB because she wants to be lecturer in the future. She took her interest in People and Knowledge Management and started to explore more and more about leadership and organization behavior as her special interest underguidance of People and Knowledge sub interest group.

Achmad Satria Dwi Putera

Graduate Student

Holds Bachelor degree in Telecommunication Business and Management (S.M.B.) from the Telecommunication and Media Management School, Telkom Institute of Management, Bandung. Currently he is interested in the Consumer Behavior, especially in consumer behavior in telecommunication industry. In SBM he does the research in this field by the supervision of Dr. Mustika Sufiati Purwanegara. He intends to work as business consultant or business researcher within a consultant company and lecture. He enjoys traveling and learning something new.

I decide MSM because i want increase my knowledge, affordable cost, and the lecturers provides many opportunities for self-exploration

Ihsan Hadiansyah
Graduate Student

Holds two bachelors degree in Management from Jenderal Soedirman University, Purwokerto and International Business Management from Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia (Double Degree)..
I had worked at one of the largest stainless steel manufacture in Indonesia as marketing administration in Jindal Stainless Steel Indonesia, Gresik, Jawa Timur.. My job description is to ensure administration of marketing especially for South East Asia region. I am looking for a new challenge and want to become a good lecturer, so I decided to learn more about marketing management focus on business strategy and marketing under the supervision of Dr. Ir. Mustika Sufiati Purwanegara, M.Sc.
I spend my free time with playing basketball, listening music, and traveling.

I decided to go to the MSM-SBM ITB because it is the best management schools in Indonesia, offering an excellent program supported by professional lecturers and conducive learning situation, I am proud to be a part of this institution. And hopefully could give contribution into this institution and knowledge development

Grisna Anggadwita

Graduate Student

Holds a bachelor degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Institut Teknologi Telkom (IT Telkom) Bandung. I have experience as a laboratory assistant of the electrical laboratory and communications IT Telkom Bandung.
I had worked at one of the largest retail companies in Indonesia as store assistant manager operations for more than two and a half years in several branch store. My job description is to ensure store operations run according to standard operating procedures. I am looking for a new challenge, so I decided to learn more about operations management focus on operations strategy under the supervision of Ir. Gatot Yudoko, MASC., Ph.D.
I spend my free time with watching movies, traveling and culinary.

I decided to go to the MSM-SBM ITB because it is the best management schools in Indonesia, offering an excellent program supported by professional lecturers and conducive learning situation, I am proud to be a part of this institutions

Khairul Huda
Graduate Student

He holds bachelor of Social Degree in Department of Information and Librarianship Science from Faculty of Communication, Padjadjaran University. He likes to involve in organization and it was proven by joining BEM FIKOM UNPAD and Radioland to implement the communication and leadership skills. He was also an English teacher in Armidale English College, a social organization in South Bandung which helps children to learn English and self development, he taught in drama class program. He likes to inspire the children to be Indonesian future leader. To increase his knowledge in leadership and organization strategy, he joins the research group of People and Knowledge Management under the supervision of Prof. Surna Tjahja Djajadiningrat, PhD. and Dr. Yuni Ros Bangun, MBA. He interests in leadership, politic, sustainable development, in order to bring into the reality the Indonesian Anew. He spenAdd Videods the time in reading books, watching movies, and doing sports to keep healthy.

I am currently working as a personal assistant to a professor in ITB. These also become the reasons why I joined MSM SBM-ITB.

Indriany Ameka
Graduate Student

Hold a bachelor science deegre in Meteorology from Institute Technology of Bandung.

I ever work in the biggest fashion retail company in Indonesia, PT.Mitra Adi Perkasa, as one of the supervisor. Also in other retail company named PT.Logo De’corps as marketing and distribution. I have sufficient time to learn about insurance and equity in stock through my part time job experience.

I currently interested in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management for my study concentration. My research will be in family business area under the supervision of Mr. Wawan Dhewanto.

My motivation for entering MSM program at SBM ITB becaause I look at the SBM as an elite school, that gives better education than other unevsity with the best educational background of the faculty member as lecturer.

Anggraeni Permatasari

Graduate Student

Holds bachelor degree in Social Science from Jenderal Soedirman University.
I have experienced as a community development in several International NGO.
I am interested doing research in Corporate Social Responsibility.
My research will be under the supervision of Dr.Bambang Rudito.
I love to spent my free time as a volenteer in social community.

I believed MSM SBM ITB would make the world different.

Rezki Mishar
Graduate Student
status : graduated student holds a bachelor degree in Informatics Engineering from Indonesia Computer University Bandung (UNIKOM). Now I want to enrich my knowledge and insight in science management.
i am interested in Organizations Behavior (OB), under supervision of Dr. Ir. Yuni Ros Bangun, MBA.

i spent my free time with hang out with my friend, traveling and sport.

I choose MSM because I feel challenged in studying in MSM SBM ITB which is very different with my undergraduate background.