Tuition Fees

Tuition for School of Business and Management (non-reguler) is Rp. 20.000.000,- (twenty million Rupiah) per semester. Students who need support for tuition must fulfill the requirements, ITB provides tuition fee considering family’s economic condition. For more information:

Tuition for Overseas Students

For overseas students candidate who accepted in Management study program, tuition fee for 2014 intake year is US$ 37300 for the study period of 144 SKS (144 credits). The education fees cover the following:

  • Admission Fee: US$ 8500
  • Tuition Fee: US$ 200 per credit (US$ 200 per SKS)
  • Payment for Admission fee and tuition fee for the first year (2 semesters) are to be paid upon ITB new student registration: US$ 15700

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