The International Business program is a concentration from SBM’s Bachelor Degree in Management. The program’s main aim is to provide students with an understanding of business management concepts with a specialization in contemporary international business issues which includes learning in cross-cultural settings and a hands-on experience of doing business.

The program’s duration is 9 semesters which can be completed in 3 (three) to 3.5 (three and a half) years with a total of 144 credits (SKS). The body of knowledge in International Business consists of:

  1. Knowledge on humanities in multicultural landscape: culture, government, regulation, economics.
  2. Knowledge on international management: planning, organizing resources, applying and controlling business in international cooperation, understanding how to make decisions with risks, and negotiation in cross-cultural settings.
  3. Knowledge on global business: international supply chain and operations, international finance, international marketing, international human resources management.

The knowledge mentioned above functions as basic competencies in management science and practices that have to be mastered by business and management professionals. In order to build business and management competencies, different kinds of knowledge are categorized in six knowledge groups as follows: basic knowledge, basic skills, humanities, management knowledge, business practice, advance knowledge.

Body of Knowledge