Starting in 2013, ITB only accepts admission for undergraduate program through SNMPTN and SBMPTN. Prospective students from Businesses / Institutions / Local Governments intending to continue their studies, please enroll through SNMPTN and/or SBMPTN.

For 2015 academic year, prospective students with outstanding academic results and 2015 High School Diploma can participate in SNMPTN 2015 selection test. General requirements of SNMPTN 2015 can be obtained from

Prospective students who would like to participate in written test selection process, can join SBMPTN 2015. Participant must fulfill general requirements of SBNMPTN 2015. and must have DIKTI’s accreditation, if graduated from overseas universities (for Indonesian citizens)
For detailed information and also upcoming admission update, please click the following link:

Admission for Overseas Students

This program is offered to overseas students only. ITB Classes for Overseas Student program does not admit students of Indonesian nationality

In order to be able to follow the education in ITB, through the Overseas Student Classes Program, applicants are required to apply by online submission link to the Directorate of Education of ITB/Direktorat Pendidikan ITB (attention: Kasubdit Penjaringan Mahasiswa). For detailed information about overseas student admission, please click here