Is SBM part of ITB?

Yes, School of Business Management ia a part of ITB and developed accordingly with the latest concept of business and management. This school was shaped and built differently compared with other faculties in the following aspects:

  • SBM was only government-subsidized in term of building and small portion of faculty costs.
  • School operational cost will be funded entirely from tuition fees and other funding sources

What makes SBM a unique educational program?

The simplest answers are, SBM provides the students with facilities, lecturers, and ample of convenience. But what really matters is the fact that education conducted in SBM will encourage students to be a leader, work in group, dare to take risks, and take responsibilities.

What is the educational concepts and philosophical background of SBM?

The education concepts arrived from the understanding that business and management knowledge is not entirely in-line with the philosophy of positivism science point of view, and also not a part of Engineering and Economy. To educate person to become a business and organization manager/leader, requires the balance of systematic thinking using logic and sense, requires proximity with business in the reality, understanding towards differences in variable aspects of life, and the ability to perceive problems with many different dimensions.

SBM prepares the graduates to be ready in facing complexity, uncertainty, uniqueness, and conflict of values, but the people will still possess the ability to create value and provide meaning.

With the previously written concepts, education would call for many requirements, not only necessities translated within the curriculum, but also in manners of teaching, and the capabilities of the lecturers, supported by teaching facilities. This would be the foundation of teaching staff competency, where lecturers are individuals whom are always up-to-date, works a full time job in SBM, optimizing electronic equipments, hiring and firing personnel, various innovative methods.

Conventional business learning process will be abandoned, and there will be (one among others) manners of Integrated Business Experience, where scholars would directly develop, manages, and run their own companies, and obtain the profit (or pay for the risk).

Is the program in SBM is an entrepreneurial education program?

Yes and No. Education is not entirely the production process, where a particular product or service is produced. The education program in SBM can provide entrepreneurial training and education if supported by will and hard-working attitude from the students. Supposing the students are willing to become an entrepreneur, then this program will be able to support such cause.

What is the degree obtained from the graduate?

The degree for SBM undergraduates is B.Mgt (Bachelor of Management).

The tuition fee, why is it so costly?

Please consider the following issues:

  • The tuition fees include investment requirements for hard wares and soft wares, also other educational facilities. SBM requires it, because the SBM is a non-governmental funding educational institution.
  • Undergraduate education in SBM is designed to create capable graduates that should be able to participate in the global competition era.
  • SBM have a very high standard of qualification for lecturers. Lecturers are selected few with capable theoretical comprehension and practical skills.
  • SBM provides and international atmosphere within the learning process. To make it so, SBM also invites foreign lecturers to share their knowledge as a guest lecturer on regular bases.