Spasial Business Trip

image2On October 12, 2016 Bachelor of Entrepreneurship students went to Spasial at Gudang Selatan Street Bandung. This business trip is a series of Creativity and Innovation course, lead by Dina Dellyana and Sri Herliana. To create innovation, individual creativity and organization process must be integrated. And in some conditions innovation is a incremental improvement process in period of time. The objective of this course is students will learn about how important to connect between effective leadership and culture that designed to foster continuous creativity and innovation.
During this course, students learn techniques to emphasize the employees diversity and bring new solutions to both large and small challenges in business.

Spasial is founded by a group of creative people in the mid 2015. At the beginning, they created an open space where experimental talents and makers can share their progressive ideas as colleagues. This environment help the talents and makers to set their first kick-off through cross-disciplinary explorations and nevertheless also support their careers. Spasial is also an open space for talents and makers from any fields and areas of culture to bring solutions that can support human life.
The business trip includes tour around Spasial open space, tenant introduction, introduction of business model activities in Spasial and also discussion with “World End Gallery and Shop”.


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