Welcome Aboard, International Students of SBM ITB

IMG_4275SBM ITB International Office held an introduction day for fourty (40) SBM ITB international students on 26 August 2017. The purpose of this activity is to welcome all students from Denmark France, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Japan, South Korea and also Brunei Darussalam. This program is a part of international program of SBM ITB, and also compulsory to incoming exchange students who will be studying for 3-4 months in SBM ITB.

SBM ITB Student Exchange Welcoming and Orientation dedicated for exchange students’ semester I 2017/2018 was held at Kampung Senyum (Smiling Village) at Subang, West Java. Together with their buddy from SBM ITB local students, they experienced the nature of Subang and also had social interaction with the community around the village, such as learning how to planting rice in paddy field, how to make traditional food of West Java, how to play the bamboo percussion.

The organizer also challenge them to compete each other in fun local games, such as tarik tambak (tug of war), pillow fight while sitting on a bamboo that put above the river, also moving amount of water using bamboo stick. The interaction between all of the participants was great. Hopefully they will enjoy the semester with good memories in Indonesia, especially Bandung city.

Welcome to all students listed below, you are all now part of SBM family!

  1. Adi Rani Khairul Fitri Bin Abdul Rahman from University of Brunei Darussalam
  2. Alex Le Vaillant from ESC Rennes
  3. Azbah Munajed from Brandenburg Technical University Germany
  4. Dk Noor Aqilah Bte Pg Hj Suharto from University of Brunei Darussalam
  5. Donata Bankauskaite from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania
  6. Eline Timmer from University of Groningen
  7. Elles Faber from University of Groningen
  8. Franziska Isabella Randl from Pforzheim University
  9. H.P. (Hidde) Koerkamp from Tu Delft
  10. Inna Kern from Pforzheim University
  11. Jakob Max Hamann from Southern Denmark University
  12. Jesley Marchyon Hagedoorn from University of Groningen
  13. Maria Josephina Groot from TU Delft
  14. Kanako Tsujimoto from Ritsumeikan University
  15. Kohei Otsuki from Ritsumeikan University
  16. Levi Milan Jano from University of Groningen
  17. Louise Jezequel from ESC Rennes
  18. Maaike Sickler from TU Delft
  19. Martijn Bernard Johan Brummelhuis from TU Delft
  20. Milord Hector from ESSCA France
  21. Minori Takaoka from Ritsumeikan University
  22. Mira Groot from TU Delft
  23. Mirco Gwozdz from Southern Denmark University
  24. Nina Rehm from Pforzheim University
  25. Richard Rees from Pforzheim University
  26. Rikuya Oda from Ritsumeikan University
  27. Ryu Nagata from Ritsumeikan University
  28. Schmid Maximilian from Technische Universitat Munchen
  29. Sean Vermeer from University of Groningen
  30. Seonghun Kim from University of Seoul
  31. Voorhorst Tessa from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  32. Yucel Eriek from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  33. Abdul Qawi bin Awang Yahya from University Brunei Darussalam
  34. Dk Aznur Nazeeha bte Pg Hj Sharifuddin from University Brunei Darussalam
  35. Emil Fraenkel from Southern Denmark University
  36. J.N. De Groot from TU Eindhoven
  37. K van Driel from TU Eindhoven
  38. Martin Juel Winther from Southern Denmark University
  39. Stefan Boersting from Hamburg University of Technology
  40. Yushi Yamada from Tokyo Institute of Technology















Author: Margareth Tobing

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