Be Creative, Be aware of Business Opportunities, and Determinations

Leadership Dinner2

School of Business and Management ITB in collaboration with Ikatan Alumni SBM ITB rolled out the â??Entrepreneurial Leadersâ?? Dinnerâ? highlighting entrepreneurial issues on how to win the competitions, at Executive MBA ITB Jakarta Campus, Binasentra Building, Bidakara Jakarta, Wednesday (25/11/2009).

For this occasion, we presented ITB alumni as respected guest speakers: Betti Alisjahbana â?? Architecture (1979) and SW Trenggono â?? MBA ITB (2004). Following the welcoming speech by Dean, Dr. Dermawan Wibisono M.Eng, discussion forum chaired by Director of Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership (CIEL) SBM ITB, Dwi Larso PhD, played its role.

Began with an entrepreneurship expert, Dwi Larso PhD, who dazzled the ideas of creative entrepreneurship. Move onto the next presentation, former CEO of IBM Indonesia, Betti Alisjahbana delivered loads of insights about her venture at creative industry called QB International. Just before we started the Question and Answer session, SW Trenggono who is also known as the Chairman of Alumni Association SBM ITB shared a success story. Determination is the perfect word to describe the great effort of this Indonesian Towerâ??s founder.

Attending the event were students, alumni, and professionals who were all carried away on the discussion. What would be the summary of this chatter box? Be Creative, Be aware of Business Opportunities, and Determinations. See you on the next Leadership Dinner.***Leadership Dinner2

SEKOLAH Bisnis dan Manajemen ITB kembali menggelar â??Entrepreneurial Leadersâ?? Dinnerâ? berkolaborasi dengan Ikatan Alumni SBM ITB yang membahas topik bagaimana para wirausahawan memenangi kompetisi bisnisnya, di Kampus Magister Administrasi Bisnis Eksekutif Jakarta, Gedung Binasentra Komplek Bidakara Jakarta, Rabu (25/11/2009).

Untuk kesempatan kali ini, hadir sebagai pembicara tamu adalah para alumni ITB yang saat ini berkarya sebagai wirausahawan sukses: Betti Alisjahbana â?? Teknik Arsitektur (1979) dan S.W. Trenggono â?? MBA SBM ITB (2004).

Setelah sambutan dari Dekan SBM ITB, Dr. Dermawan Wibisono, forum diskusi yang dimoderatori oleh Direktur Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership (CIEL) SBM ITB, Dwi Larso Ph.D, pun mulai dimainkan.

Mengawali pembicaraan, pakar kewirausahaan Dwi Larso mencetuskan ide tentang creative entrepreneurship. Kemudian, presentasi dilanjutkan oleh Betti Alisjahbana, mantan CEO untuk IBM Indonesia yang saat ini menekuni bidang creative industry dengan mendirikan QB International.

Sebelum masuk pada sesi tanya jawab, S.W. Trenggono yang saat ini juga menjabat sebagai Ketua Ikatan Alumni SBM ITB berbagi cerita. Determination adalah satu kata yang paling cocok untuk menggambarkan kisah sukses sang pendiri Indonesian Tower ini.

Acara yang dihadiri oleh mahasiswa, alumni, dan profesional pun kian larut dalam sesi tanya jawab. Kesimpulan apa yang dapat ditarik dari acara ini? Be Creative, Be aware of Business Opportunities, and Determinations. Sampai jumpa di Leadership Dinner selanjutnya.***