MBA Students to Launch

The unforgettable Friday for Adeng, Bagja, Bayu, and Oci. Those students of Entrepreneurship MBA Jakarta were calling us out to gather on their new venture establishment in Tebet office area, Jakarta. They chose to run a web portal that develops information about bureaucracy matters, “Compulsion was the main factor that had encouraged us to build this portal, “said by the CEO, Rachmadi Adeng (31/8/2012).

“This compulsion has made us to possess a strong determination to transform the business idea into the real business. In addition, we build this business to complete the final assignment for the MBA course –that is– New Venture Planning. We place creativity and innovation in our first priorities in running this business, “told Adeng.

Moreover, the idea of establishing the company was started four months ago with a survey in some circles. “From the survey that we found, there are a lot of common people who still don’t understand how to deal with the bureaucracy in this country. For example: How to make a Business License (Trade License), how to set up a company, how to get Visa & Passport, as well as matters related to the bureaucracy, “as the COO, Laksmana T. Moerdani (Oci), says.

However, Oci said that the portal would not be limited to the bureaucracy issues. But, according to Oci, the portal would also convey any information in which is needed by the public.

Along with the establishment of, a free magazine that deeply explores the beauty of Indonesian culture was also introduced. Although has been operated for a while, the magazine decided to rent an office place together with Run by Frieta Mia, Agnesia Dylla, Audria Aya who are also the students of Entrepreneurship MBA Jakarta, free magazine called Kemilau Indonesia is expected to be a forum to promote the rich of various Indonesian arts from Sabang to Merauke.

Find them at @biartaudotcom @kemilauIND