Volume 7 No 2 2012


Yes, We are Ready for Better Trans Jakarta

People and Knowledge Management
Business Risk and Finance


[h4_underlined]Business and Strategic Marketing[/h4_underlined]

  • Yes, We are Ready for Better Trans Jakarta : Pravita Gebrina Suwarno, Harimukti Wandebori

[h4_underlined]People and Knowledge Management[/h4_underlined]

  • BUMN Holding Company as Rightsizing Effort; The Case of Fertilizier Holding Company : Estananto, Agung Wicaksono

[h4_underlined]Business Risk and Finance[/h4_underlined]

  • The Application of Suistainable Growth Rate in the Real Case of PT Akrasa : Prawedhi, Subiakto Soekarno

[h4_underlined]People and Knowledge Management[/h4_underlined]

  • Evaluation of Student Organization Activity in SBM ITB : Albert Endi Hartanto, Bambang Rudito


  • Candle Light :Indonesia Mencari Pemimpin
  • Best Achievement :SBM ITB-Graduation
  • Book Overview: Panduan Strategi dalam Berkompetisi