legend country partner universityEntering the era of ASEAN Economic Community, the Bachelor of Management Program offers an international class that equips students with managerial competencies to develop and improve international enterprises in multicultural settings. This new program enables graduates to compete and take part in business in the South-East Asian region.

The International Business program is a concentration from SBM’s Bachelor Degree in Management. The program’s main aim is to provide students with an understanding of business management concepts with a specialization in contemporary international business issues which includes learning in cross-cultural settings and a hands-on experience of doing business.

The learning process consists of several learning stages with specialized competencies designed for each stage. The first stage is aimed to broaden the students’ spectrum in thinking from the very scientific spectrum until they are prepared for team work and strive really hard to face difficult challenges. The second stage introduces students to multicultural settings and provides experience in doing business in Asian context. The international experience is the core of the third stage, as students learn in partner universities across Europe and Asia.

The program’s duration is 9 semesters which can be completed in 3 (three) to 3.5 (three and a half) years with a total of 144 credits (SKS).

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