Navigating Series of Webinar and Coaching SBM ITB

SBM ITB conducts Webinar and Coaching Series programs to show its responsibility and commitment to continuously give a positive impact on the industry, government, and society.

This webinar series is an in-depth discussion about how a company can rebuild its business after facing unprecedented challenges in pandemics and embracing the new normal.

A series of webinars prepared covers the increasing knowledge of best practices from various national and global companies, including experience sharing sessions from start-up companies.

The event also presents SBM ITB alumni – most of them are successful practitioners in various corporations and start-up so that they can share inspirational insight into the audience.

The webinars come with coaching series that presents step by step technical guidance and invites coaches, leaders or CEOs, from several companies to assist with strategies, tips, and tactics in starting a career in the new normal era.

Each SBM ITB Webinar & Coaching Series will be guided by a Lecturer of SBM ITB as a moderator and conclude with Closing Wisdom from senior lecturers and Professors.

These events are for students, alumni, faculty members and professional staff of SBM, as well as open to the general public. Furthermore, Serial Coaching is intended for students and Alumni only with a limited number of participants. For those who are unable to participate in the previous webinar, please go to the SBM ITB YouTube channel.

Webinar and Coaching of Returning the Business in the New Normal have begun on Saturday (06/13/2020), hosted by SBM ITB Center for Innovation, Entrepreneur & Leadership (CIEL) in collaboration with SBM ITB Career, Alumni Relations. The webinar series is expected to be completed in November 2020; in the long term, the Coaching Series program will be conducted for a year-long.

The host and organizer are the representatives from the Expertise Group (KK), Research Centers and Laboratories at SBM ITB with the final target of launching the Playbook of Returning the business in the new normal.

For more detailed information on the schedules, please visit our website and follow SBM ITB social media.