For you who want to learn managerial competencies to develop and improve international enterprises in multicultural settings, Bachelor of Management open the enrollment for International Business—a double-degree program. No matter where you come from, you are eligible to join this prestigious opportunity.

Commencement date:
Every August
Length of study:
3-year program
Total credits:
144 credit-hours

Course Structure

Year 1: The Challenge/TPB

Broaden your perspectives. Engage with classmates which diverse in cultures and backgrounds.

Enhance your soft-skills by facing various team projects and challenges.

The first stage is aimed to broaden the students’ spectrum in thinking from the very scientific spectrum until they are prepared for team work and strive really hard to face difficult challenges.

Semester 1

Required courses:
Business Mathematics I
Engineering and Design I
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Information Technology
Performance Art

Semester 2

Required courses:
Business Mathematics I
Business Statistics
Engineering and Design I
Leadership and Management Practice
Procedure of Scientific Writing
Study of Human Society

Year 2: Business Practice

Functional Management courses with a focus on International Business and Management Studies in relation to ASEAN and regional issues.

The second stage introduces students to multicultural settings and provides experience in doing business in Asian context.

Semester 3

Required courses:
Financial Accounting
Introduction to International Business

Semester 4

Required courses:
Business Communication
Cross Culture and Conflict Management
Integrated Business Asia I
International Trade and Finance
Pancasila and Civic Education

Semester 5

Required courses:
Ethics and Religion
Environment Management System
Financial Management
Integrated Business Asia II
Psychology and Organizational Behavior
Technology and Operations Management

Semester 6

Required courses:
Business Research Method
Decision Making
Human Capital Management

Year 3: The Initiative

Double Degree for 12—18 months

The international experience is the core of the third stage, as students learn in partner universities across Europe and Asia.

Master the major that in line with the future career you have in mind. Be it Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Capitals, or Decision Making.

Enroll in elective courses that enrich your business and management knowledge comprehensively.

The third year is where the full experience of being International takes place as students takes the last year of their study in ITB’s partners all across Europe and Asia. Students are required to take their elective courses in partner universities, allowing them to live and learn in an international setting.

Semester 7

Required courses:
Elective 1
Elective 2
Elective 3
Elective 4
Elective 5
Elective 6

Semester 8

Required courses:
Business Law & Ethics
International Political Economy
Elective 7
Elective 8
Elective 9

Semester 9

Required courses:
Final Project



Bachelor of Management in International Business program is applicable for Indonesian passport holder and Non-Indonesian passport holder.

Admission Procedure

Starting in 2016, ITB open enrollment through international program. Prospective students from highly respected schools intending to continue their studies, please enroll through this track and follow the procedure. Every admission process must follow the procedure in

Prospective students must meet the following requirements:

  • Have good English language skills, proven by one of the English language proficiency certificates. Internet Based Test (iBT) International TOEFL with minimum score of 61, or IELTS with minimum score 5.5
  • Has one of the International educational qualification certificates as follow: General SAT or ITB Academic Qualification Test (ITB AQ Test)—held by ITB

Documents to be submitted:

  • High school academic transcript from first until last semesters
  • English proficiency certificate
  • Recent photo
  • Upload to


Education Fee for Indonesian nationals (WNI-Warga Negara Indonesia)

Requirements Cost Total
9 semesters (3 years)
Semester period in undergraduate program is 3 (three) to 4 (four) months.
Tuition fee: IDR 40,000,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee) per semester IDR 360,000,000

Education Fee for foreign nationals (WNA-Warga Negara Asing)

Requirements Cost Total
9 semesters (3 years)
Semester period in undergraduate program is 3 (three) to 4 (four) months.
Admission fee: IDR 22,500,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee), paid once when registered as new student

Tuition fee: IDR 46,500,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee) per semester

IDR 441,000,000


  1. Tuition fee do not cover travelling expenses for academic activities in year
  2. Scholarships and fee reductions are not available for International Business’ students
  3. Students are required to pay for living costs in year 3 abroad.
  4. The tuition fees do not cover cost of international exposure program, which will be separately determined depending on type of academic program and conditional living cost at overseas partner institutions.
  5. Confirmation fee and all the tuition fees cannot be refunded in all conditions, including when student fail to register or finish the program.
  6. SBM ITB reserves the right to adjust the above information.