Achmad Herlanto Anggono

Achmad Herlanto Anggono


He earned Doctor in Business Management from Economic Faculty of Padjajdaran University, Bandung, Indonesia MBA in corporate finance from Graduate School of Management Rutgers University at Newark, New Jersey, USA; and mechanical engineering from Mechanical Engineering Department, ITB, Bandung, Indonesia.

He has more than 25 years of working experience in Banking Industry and Private Sectors. Currently, he is an Independent Commissionaire of Telco Company, an Independent Member of Risk Monitoring Committee & Audit Committee at foreign bank and oil company, and funding advisor of Indonesia Central Army Hospital.

In the past, he was a Compliance & Risk Management Director at Bank Maybank Indocorp, Chief of Internal Auditor at Bank Maybank Indocorp, Bank Bumiputera Tbk and Bank Buana Tbk, He was a Treasury Dealer, Account Manager, and Credit Officer at Bank BAPINDO (state bank - was merged to be Bank Mandiri in 1999).

Currently, he is lecturing for courses: Business Risk & Venture Capital, Corporate Risk Management, Capital Market, Financial Planning, Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis at SBM ITB-Bandung for undergraduate, MBA, & MSM and MBA ITB both for regular and executive program in Bandung and Jakarta Campus.

He taught Assets & Liabilities Management (ALMA), Banking Risk Management Certification Program, Risk Management for Islamic Banking at Lembaga Pengembangan Perbankan Indonesia (LPPI), Jakarta.

He was lecturing courses: Financial Statement Analysis, Banking Management, and Credit Management at Yayasan Akuntansi Indonesia (YAI), Jakarta.


MB2108 - International Trade and Finance
MB2203 - Financial Management
MB4042 - Capital Market
MB4047 - Business Risk and Venture Capital
MB4056 - Bank Management and Financial Service
MB6067 - Financial Risk Management
MK3101 - Business Risk Analysis
MM5006 - Business Economics
MM5007 - Financial Management
MM6021 - Corporate Risk Management
MM6023 - Capital Market Analysis
MM6024 - Investment Project Analysis
MM6026 - Sharia Risk Management