Arson Aliludin

Arson Aliludin


Arson Aliludin completed his studies from Bachelor Program in Department of Industrial Engineering ITB, Bandung, at the end of 1974. He continued his studies to l'Institut d'Administration des Entreprises d'Aix-en-Provence, l'Universite d'Aix-Marseille III, France, and obtained DEA (Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies en Sciences de la Gestion/Post Graduate in Sciences of Management) at the middle of 1980. In addition, he also completed his studies at the Faculty of Sharia, UNISBA, and obtained Bachelor in Islamic Law (Department of Religious Courts) at the middle of 1990, and the Faculty of Economics, UT (Department of Management) in early 1997 and obtained Bachelor in Economis (Management).

He became permanent lecturer in the Department of Industrial Engineering ITB (1975-2003), in the Graduate Program of Industrial Engineering and Management ITB (1986-2003), in the Program of MBA ITB (since 1990) and in the School of Business and Management ITB (since 2004). Besides of that, he was also a part-time lecturers in almost all private colleges in Bandung which has a Department of Industrial Engineering (1975-2005).

He is heavily involved in various Training and Consultancy activities in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management, such as at: PT Propelat, PT KAI, PT Semen Padang, PT Telkom, PT Pos Indonesia, PT Iglas and PT PAL.

He also has experiences as: Internship Coordinator Department of Industrial Engineering ITB (1975-1978), Coordinator of the Student Center ITB (1976-1978), Board of YPM Salman ITB (1976-1978, 1983-1987 and 1992-1996), Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Langlangbuana (1983-1984), Coordinator of Library at the Department of Industrial Engineering ITB (1984-1989), Director of LETMI ITB (1986-1987), Coordinator Lab SIPO at the Department of Industrial Engineering ITB (1989-1995), Deputy Director of Yayasan LETMI (1995-1999), Chairman of Yayasan Nurul Hikmah (1997-2007), Member of the Preparatory Committee for Establishment FMB (now SBM) ITB (2003/2004), CCE Coordinator SBM ITB (2004), Member of the SPI ITB (since 2004), Deputy Director of the MBA Program ITB Jababeka (2004-2005), Chairman of the Sub KK BRF SBM ITB (2006-2011), Chairman of KK OMF SBM ITB (2011), Chairman of KK Finance & Decision SBM ITB (2012-2013), Member of the Senate SBM ITB (2013-2015).


MB4043 - Managerial Accounting
MB4045 - Investment Management
MB4046 - Islamic Banking
MB6061 - Islamic Financial System
MM5002 - Accounting
MM5022 - Sharia Contract and Product
MM6022 - Islamic Banking System