Mursyid Hasan Basri earned his bachelor and master in Industrial Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology. He holds a Doctor of Engineering degree from Hiroshima University in Japan. He teaches several courses at SBM ITB, including Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, and Quality Management. His specialty is in lean management and six sigma methodology. He taught Operations Management and Logistics at Master Program in Public Health Studies Padjajaran University.

His research interests are the application of business process and quality management in healthcare operations. He is a member of International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQUA). Besides publishing papers at refereed journals and conferences, he is also an invited speaker at Persatuan Rumah Sakit Indonesia Chapter West Java, Asosiasi Rumah Sakit Daerah (ARSADA), and involve as a consultant for private and public hospital, School of Medicine UNPAD, and ministry of Health. He also periodically conducts public training on healthcare operations management.


KU1102 - Introduction to Computing
MB2201 - Technology and Operation Management
MB4021 - Enterprise Resource Planning
MB4054 - Quality Management
MB5004 - Fundamentals of Operations Management
MB6014 - Halal Operations and Value Chain
MK2101 - Production System and Technology
MK2204 - Production System and Technology
MK2205 - Business Computation and Analytics
MM5002 - Operations and Supply Chain Management
MM5004 - Operations Management
MM5014 - Digital Business Experience (P)
MM6041 - Supply Chain Design
MM6043 - Global Project Management