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MB2004 - Introduction to International Business
MB2107 - Integrated Business Asia 1
MB3231 - International Business
MB4049 - Retail Management
MB4050 - Brand Management
MB5006 - Fundamentals of Strategy Marketing
MB50M5 - Fundamentals of Marketing
MB6002 - Digital Marketing
MB6032 - Branding Science
MB7103 - Behavioral Science
MB7104 - Preparation Examination
MB7202 - Theory and Model Development
MB7203 - Behavioral Science
MK3024 - Brand Development and Management
MM5001 - Marketing Management
MM5003 - Marketing Management
MM5011 - Business Immersion
MM5012 - Business Strategy and Enterprise Modelling
MM6031 - Branding and Marketing Communication
MM6033 - Applied Marketing Research
MM6034 - International Marketing Management
MM6036 - Digital Marketing
MM6038 - Branding and Marketing Communication
MM6098 - Research Methodology for Business
MM6099 - Final Project B