MB1101 - Introduction to Business
MB2202 - Human Capital Management
MB4051 - Organizational Development and Learning Organization
MB5008 - Fundamentals of People Management
MB50M8 - Fundamental of People
MB5101 - Management Thought and Research
MB6013 - Knowledge Management and Learning Organizations
MB6017 - Knowledge Management and Learning Organization
MB60M6 - Fundamentals of People & Knowledge Management
MB7101 - Philosophy and Methodology of Science in Management
MB7101 - Philosophy of Science Management
MB7103 - Behavioral Science
MB7203 - Behavioral Science
MB8006 - Advanced Research in People and Knowledge Management
MB9091 - Progress Seminar I
MM5003 - Organizational Behaviour and Managing People
MM5005 - People in Organization
MM5013 - Knowledge Management
MM5016 - Knowledge Management for Innovation
MM5027 - Knowledge Management for Innovation
MM6013 - Leading and Managing Organizational Change
MM6035 - International Business