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Feb 21

IBM: “Integrity is on Top of Everything”

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Feb 14

International Association of Business Engineering Professionals Workshops (IABEP) 2017

Untitled designThe instability of economic condition in several countries affects sustainability of many industries. Industries have to create an excellent strategy to stay competitive. The skill of structural integration between business strategy and development is one of the key factors for employees to succeed. As the institution that contributes in creating the best business graduates, we establish professional association named IABEP. Read more

Feb 13

Fridaypreneurship: How to Run Successful E-commerce in BERRYBENKA Perspective

FRIDAYPRENEURSHIPTo compete in the vast growing of fashion industry nowadays, fashion brands can not depend only on on-site store, they need to utilize the internet world, known as e-commerce, to get in touch with the customer. SBM ITB invited Danu Wicaksana as the Managing Director of Berrybenka to share his experience in front of our students in Fridaypreneurship forum, Friday, 10 February 2017 at Auditorium SBM ITB. In 2014 the first online attempt made by the 2 young entrepreneur women, founders of Berrybenka, was on Facebook. “Our business was growing really fast that time, more than 1000 items we sell each day. And we thought that we should change to e-commerce system. Therefore, starting from 2014 until now we already have 3 platform designs. The existing platform in 2017 is the most user friendly that we’ve ever made”, said Danu. Read more