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Jun 22

SBM ITB Set to Collaborate with Antwerp Management School and Arghajata Consulting

a-min (2) As an effort toward the internationalization agenda, SBM ITB signed a collaboration MoU with Antwerp Management School (AMS), hosted by the Ambassador Belgium to Indonesia, H.E. Patrick Herman, at the Ambassador’s residence in Jakarta (04/06/2018). Signed by Dean of SBM ITB, Prof. Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono, and Dean of AMS, Prof. Paul Matthyssens, the MoU between the two business schools covers collaboration activities such as faculty, staff, and student exchange, joint research, executive development and potential joint-degree programs. Read more

Jun 4

PRME Corner June Update: Ethics in research, do we concern?

juniEthics are norms or standards that are used to guide people to act and behave in a moral and responsible way. Therefore, research ethics defines as to how researchers work in appropriate way by considering the rights of the stakeholders who are involved including the researchers. This could be conducted by referring to the principles of honesty, objectivity, integrity, carefulness, openness, responsible publication, confidentiality, and non-discrimination. Read more

May 30

PRME Corner May Update: Green Office for Productive Work and Peaceful Minds

6PRME article April edition shows that one of the ways in coping with stress is to connect ourselves with nature. Well, not everyone has the chance to be exposed with nature in their lines of work, such as experienced by wildlife photographer or journalists. However, if we are the ones who work in closed settings, such as in office buildings, we can have the ‘nature’ to be exposed to us. Take as an example the HOK Architecture Firm in London, UK, who believe that ‘the design of the interior (of an office) needed to take into consideration mental and physical comfort and the wellbeing of staff’ (Architizer 2018 HOK London Office). Read more