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Oct 20

Rumah Mode and Farm House Business Trip

P_20161004_103831Bachelor of Entrepreneurship students goes to Rumah Mode and Farm House. This company visit is a series of MK2201 – Micro and Small Business courses. The lecturers of this course are Donald C. Lantu, Sri Hartati and Qorri Aina.
This business trip is intended for students to find out directly all activities of the company, in this case is the sales activity in Rumah Mode. So that students can observe carefully the business process, starting from the visitors arrival (potential buyers) until the consumer decides to buy the product. Read more

Oct 19

SBM Lecturer Appointed as MRT’s Director

AW“MRT is a massive infrastructure. For me, this is a great responsibility to participate at MRT Jakarta that will facilitate the lives of millions of people in Jakarta and its surrounding areas. This is also a challenge for my professionalism as an engineer to contribute to the nation for what it should have been enjoyed by citizens twenty years ago,” shared lecturer Agung Wicaksono. Read more

Oct 18

Spasial Business Trip

image2On October 12, 2016 Bachelor of Entrepreneurship students goes to Spasial at Gudang Selatan Street Bandung. This business trip is a series of MK3019 – Creativity and Innovation, teached by Dina Dellyana and Sri Herliana. Innovation is possible when individual creativity and organizational processes are successfully integrated. Innovations are not always huge changes either-sometimes the most impactful advancements are incremental improvements over time. Through this course, students learn the important connection between effective leadership and a culture designed to foster continuous creativity and innovation. Read more