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Aug 29

He’s Back! After 21 Months

JonanIgnasius Jonan is back at SBM ITB Jakarta Campus to deliver Guest Lecture for the Business Leadership Executive MBA ITB (BLEMBA) students! I said to him when I opened the class, “I don’t like it when you were Minister, because you didn’t have time to visit this campus to give lecture like when you were at KAI.” Being a Minister of Transportation for just 21 months, Jonan has traveled to all 34 provinces of Indonesia, at least three times for each province. That’s a lot! He visited Papua 8 times, and transformed the face of seaports and airports in that island, including Wamena Airport which used to look like a bus terminal and now a modern mid-tier airport.
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Aug 23

The Roadshow of Personal Knowledge Management Center of Knowledge for Business Competitiveness

IMG_1837Concerning about the importance of Sharing Knowledge in terms of knowledge management and also implementing one of Tridarma, Center of Knowledge for Business Competitiveness (CK4BC) held a community service activities themed “Personal Knowledge Management Workshop” at Widyatama University, Bandung. The workshop held on Monday, 8th of August 2016 was the collaboration between CK4BC and Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat(LP2M), Widyatama University. Read more

Aug 23

Lecturer: Criteria to Lead the Energy Sector

Agung Wicaksono, Lecturer of SBM ITBSBM academia analyzed the necessary leadership criteria to lead the energy sector with some names as references to illustrate the necessary competences. “Not really a specialist in the technical field, but someone with passion and competence in the energy sector proven to be succeed in managing a company or organization that built energy infrastructure in the atmosphere of Indonesian environment in which was full of regulatory challenges and without compromising the integrity, “said lecturer Agung Wicaksono as cited in (21/8/2016). Read more