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Aug 31

JOKO Study Tour 2015

AaltoJOKOAalto University held JOKO Study Tour Singapore and Jakarta 22 – 29 August 2015. Although JOKO sounds familiar as the name of President Joko Widodo, but the Finnish has their own term. The name JOKO comes from Finnish words JOhdon KOulutus (leadership program / executive program). It is a registered trademark AaltoJOKO while they were partnering SBM ITB for the Jakarta leg. Read more

Aug 28

Knowledge Management as Tools to Overcome Challenges

IMG_0551SBM ITB in collaboration with Knowledge Management Society Indonesia (KMSI) held Knowledge Management Summit Indonesia 2015. This event is the first summit of Knowledge Management in Indonesia. It was held on Tuesday-Thursday, August 25-27, 2015 in Doubletree Hilton Hotel, Jakarta. The event is divided in two sections, that are seminar and workshop. Read more

Aug 25

To Develop Leadership and Human Capital at KESDM, Minister Re-launched In-house MBA Class in Energy Management

Sudirman Said ESDMOpened by Minister Sudirman Said, the program aims to develop the staff in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (KESDM) within the area of managing the energy sector. The first cohort of the postgraduate program in Master of Business Administration majoring in Energy Management (ENEMBA) would be participated by 24 students from KESDM. “I hope this program could run continuously, because education is an investment that could never go wrong,” said Minister Said, at the welcoming ceremony of ENEMBA – KESDM class in Jakarta (24/8/2015). Read more