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Apr 23

Dean’s Speech at SBM Graduation Celebration Night of 11-12 April 2014

DSC_0387Distinguished guests, faculty members, ladies and gentlemen and fellow graduates.

Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokatuh, Salam Sejahtera, and Selamat Malam.

My congratulations to all our fantastic graduates here today.

I would like to convey our dean’s apology unable to attend this graduation celebration night for a duty as an assessor at National Accreditation Board. He is now in Palembang for visitation at a university. His warm regards for all you. I am thus acting as a dean for this graduation night.

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Apr 21

A Presidential Forum 2014 with Gita Wirjawan: 5 Issues for the Next President

Gita WirjawanGita Wirjawan was the first speaker of Leadership Night: A Presidential Forum 2014 held by School of Business and Management ITB at Jakarta Campus last Wednesday (16/4/14). According to Gita, there were 5 things that the next leader should have accomplished. It would include economic growth, education, law enforcement, diversity, and geopolitic influences.
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Apr 16

Action Research and How to Advising Professional Doctoral Student Workshop

DSC_0477Bandung, (15/04/14) – Doctoral of Science and Management SBM ITB presents Action Research and How to Advising Professional Doctoral Student Workshop with Prof. Kyoichi Kijima Visiting Professor from Tokyo Institute of Technology at PhD Room SBM ITB Building. The candidate selection process: from the selection of administration (documents), appointed the faculty members who will be the supervisors and set up the deadline of publication. Read more