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Dec 19

3 Years in a Row as Indonesia Best School of Management

10862665_1020728541287639_3301283900782515508_oSBM ITB awarded as Indonesia Best School of Management 2014 Category State University A Accreditation Researched by Mix Marketing. This achievement is rewarded for the 3rd time for SBM ITB. And hopefully on the upcoming years, SBM ITB always will be an inspiration for this nation.
SBM ITB, congratulations!

Dec 17

Call for Proposals ‘Program Riset SBM ITB’

ResearchAs an attempt to develop a strong foundation for research by improving SBM ITB’s teaching staff qualification, starting from 2015 SBM ITB conduct funding program, titled Program Riset SBM ITB. This program is fully funded by SBM-ITB, managed by Research and Knowledge Unit and supervised by Vice Dean of Academic Affairs.
The purpose of this program is to develop a strong research atmosphere and culture within SBM-ITB as the main foundation in running a research and innovation-based university. In short term, we expect to see an increase the growth of qualified research. In medium and long term, this program also expects to contribute to the creation of research masterpiece in ITB level applicable for the country advancement. Read more

Dec 16

Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi Selected as The New Rector of ITB

KSBANDUNG, – The selection of the rector of ITB which began on August 2014 finally ended through a trial on Majelis Wali Amanat (MWA) ITB who decides that Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi was chosen to be the rector of ITB year 2014-2019 period. A hearing held on Monday (15/12/14) at MWA ITB Office, Gedung Balai Pertemuan Ilmiah, Bandung attended by the thirteenth MWA ITB member. Unlike an earlier election that shall be decided through voting, this time its own election was determined because the rector being selected through deliberation. Next, the inauguration of Prof. Kadarsah will be held on monday (05/01/15) at ITB West Hall. Read more