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Master of Science in Management (MSM) of School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM-ITB) provides English-taught program that aims to develop students’ understanding of business and management areas as well as analytical and research skills.

Our curriculum builds on core research skills supported by matriculation and other non-curriculum programs, particularly for students with non-business and management backgrounds. We also offer support from laboratories, research centres, industrial and government partners throughout the learning process, thus providing guaranteed exposure to real-world phenomena, improving teaching and research quality, and expanding the network. Also, opportunities to do dual-degree programs in some of leading partner universities, and various scholarship opportunities add to our programs’ competitiveness.

Furthermore, we invite you to meet our leading faculties, students and staff, to learn more about potential research and study plans according to your goals and passion.

Thank you for your interest in the MSM programs. Please contact us for more information.

Yuliani Dwi Lestari
Yuliani Dwi Lestari, PhD Master of Science in Management Director

MSM in General Management

in Finance

Double Degree

Learning Goals & Objectives

Here are aspects that we aim to get you excel on throughout your journey in Bachelor of Management program:

Advanced understanding of science in management/Scientific leadership

Understanding the theories in the area of science in management

Understanding the quantitative, qualitative and contemporary research methods in the area of science in management

Ability to think conceptually, synthesize theories (conceptual and heuristic models), and make abstractions

Innovation skills/Academic innovativeness

Ability to comprehend and map state-of-the-art developments of science in management

Ability to develop research objectives based on real-world phenomenon and literature gap identification

Research Skills

Ability to apply the state-of-the-art research methodology to solve the research objectives

Ability to disseminate research findings through written publication in at least nationally accredited journal

Ability to disseminate research findings through postgraduate colloquium

Ability to lead and conduct ethically-oriented research

Ability to provide recommendations for business, government, and society


Annually, MSM ITB commence classes on August. Early preparation become the important step to enrol and start an embarking journey with MSM ITB. Below is the FAQs about admission:


Master of Science in Management (MSM) digs deeper into a specific subject, compared to Master in Business Administration (MBA). If you have particular subject you want to really focus on, then MSM will give you the chance to explore it with great depth. But, if you prefer to be exposed with breadth range of business knowledge and best practices, then MBA should be your choice.

Follow the steps in Admission Procedure section, located in each Academic Program page. It’s important for you to review entry requirements before submitting your application.

The application process can take up to 4-8 weeks depending on the time of year. Please ensure that your online application form is as complete as possible at the time of submission to avoid unnecessary delays, and ask your referees to be ready to submit a reference promptly.

If you wish to join the test arranged by SBM ITB Admission office, the test schedule are stated in Admission Schedule section in each Academic Program page.

The application deadlines for all master programs are listed in

Contact the SBM ITB admission office and ensure you have submitted all supporting documents. Lack of documents or imperfection of documents in the upload process can pose a risk of rejection from the ITB New Student Admission Committee (or DEKTM) system and this is entirely the responsibility of applicants. Selection participants must be registered online and complete all documents at

Applicants may log back in to the online application system at ITB New Student Admission Committee (or DEKTM) system to check application status at any time.

Send an email to Our Marketing and Admission team will get back to you, usually within 24 hours, but definitely within 3 business days. If it is an urgent problem, please indicate this in your email subject.