As the advancement of technology continues changing many aspects in our daily life, you need to be strategic in learning skills that not only matter in your future workplace but also matter in defining your role for greater good in the society.

The Bachelor of Management Program provides an adventurous learning experience through our newly designed curriculum based on the project, ecosystem, and education 4.0. Our ecosystem-based courses enable you to learn up-to-date knowledge from multi-sources: academic, practitioner, government, and society. With us, you have a wide-open opportunity, as a leader, to strengthen your interpersonal and communication skills, and as an individual, to choose what you passionate to learn through the supporting government program of “Merdeka Belajar” (Freedom of Study).  

Our graduates typically love to experiment with new things, continuously improve from the failures, and challenge beyond comfort. For us, education is like lighting a fire where every one of you has a chance to reinvent yourself. Let the adventure begin.

Dr. Achmad Fajar Hendarman Chair of Undergraduate Program in Management

General Management

International Business

Learning Goals & Objectives

Here are aspects that we aim to get you excel on throughout your journey in Bachelor of Management program:

Core Competency in Business and Management

Know functions in management and their integration in real organizational practices

Understand multicultural contexts in business

Adapt the global business perspective in a local context


Lead and manage self and others in a team or in an organization

Understand one’s strengths and weaknesses

Recognize and support the leadership process

Effective Communication & Negotiation

Communicate ideas and arguments in a structured manner as a member of a team, as a manager, and/or as a leader

Willing to listen and give constructive feedback to others. Motivate, convince, and persuade others in order to achieve the team’s objectives

Conduct presentation professionally

Problem Solving

Identify problems in the business context

Analyse problems and offer alternative solutions to solve them by using management tools

Make a decision based on systematic problem analysis

Ethical & Sustainable Business Practice

Behave ethically and practice it in business contexts organization