This is how we comprehend our mission statement:


Students include SBM ITB students, executives, managers, amateurs, professionals, government officers, and others who engage in the learning processes.

“Innovative leaders”

Leadership is a process oriented to shaping both character and competencies. Character relates to integrity and optimistic attitude to contribute better values to business and society. Students are exposed to programmed events that help them influence and lead others by setting up targets, making & executing plans, and monitoring & evaluating results. Competencies are acquired from the use of experiential approach to understanding problem situations and finding effective solutions. The emphasis is on innovative competency that seeks solutions rather than being trapped in a situation of helplessness. Innovation is the key characteristic of ITB as a national icon of technological university in Indonesia that constantly seeks new values in technologies, processes, products & services, and business models. The education system of SBM ITB is aimed at nurturing innovative leaders with the attitude to seek for alternative ways and to influence others to take actions.

“Entrepreneurial mindset”

An integrated attitude constructed by capabilities in recognizing opportunities, willingness to take risks, taking decisions & responsibilities, and involving others to co-create values.

“Develop and disseminate knowledge of business and management”

We do it by creating, capturing, researching, studying; followed by delivering, sharing and applying business and management content for theoretical, practical, pedagogical, and sustainable development contexts.

“The betterment of business, government, and society”

The work of SBM ITB ethically impacts on the improvement of Business, Government, and Society in increasing their values and sustainability.