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The School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM ITB) has four educational programs:

Bachelor’s Degree in Management (Undergraduate Program), Master’s Degree in Business Management (MBA Program), Master’s Degree in Science Management (MSM Program), and Doctor’s Degree in Science Management (Doctoral Program). There are other divisions as well, such as Center of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership (CIEL), Consultancy and Continuing Education (CCE), and Indonesian Business Case Center (IBCC).


We strongly encourage and support our students to have global careers. The success of our students in L’Oreal Estrat Challenge in Paris for four consecutive years is one of the achievements of our commitment to enter the global competition scheme.


What distinguishes SBM with other educational institutions? We do not look at hard-skills (data processing, etc) as everything, even success itself depends more on soft-skills (ability to work in teams, leadership, etc). To us, studying is not necessarily attending lectures. Effective learning occurs in discussions and in practices.

Students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Management are obliged to create a company funded by a loan from a reputable private bank. They study business by running it. Not only they learn the theories, but they also apply the theories by developing their soft-skills simultaneously. This is the concept that inspires a number of universities throughout Indonesia.


The education in business and management is very strategic for the national development. Realizing this, Lembaga Pengembangan Perbankan Indonesia (LPPI) helped us to further develop the MBA education in Jakarta, that resulted in Executive MBA in Sharia Banking & Finance in Jakarta. These programs completed the similar collaborations we have with PT Chevron Indonesia, PT Freeport Indonesia, PT Angkasapura II, and PT Krakatau Steel.

Furthermore, the international setting was supported by the presence of international students and lecturers in our daily activities at SBM. We hope there will be more international students enrolling at our school in addition to the students from our partner institutions: University of Groningen (Holland), University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), Nanyang Business School (Singapore) and Tokyo University of Science (Japan). Systematically, SBM is moving forward to an international accreditation by becoming a member of AACSB, EFMD, and Abest21.

Visiting Scholars

In order to strengthen the dynamics and the knowledge exchange, we invited several Visiting Professors from all over the world. Until the present time, there were Mark Marrison, Ph.D (Daniel Webster College, New Hampsire); Prof. C.W. Watson (Kent University, UK); Prof. Richard W. Moore (California University, USA); Prof. Larry Michaelsen (Central Missouri State University, USA); Prof. Rushami Yusoff (Universiti Utara Malaysia); Prof. Deguchi and Prof. Kijima (University of Tokyo), just to name a few.